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Lamborghini in racing.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Nov 27, 2003.

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  2. And being regulary beaten by holden. that's hardly flattering to ANY of them. Incidentally, it's parity racing. As soon as one car's faster than the others it has weight added, revs reduced or air restrictors installed, so don't get too excited.
  3. Well, who ever he gets beaten by, he is The Champion. Not Ferrari.
  4. You know, I had a feeling you just wouldn't get it. That's ok. Porsche won year after year until Carrera Cup started and most of the Porsches went there.
  5. This discussion is not about Porsche.
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  7. No, it's about the Diablo racing in Australia and the category it's in. The diablo has been soundly thrashed by all the cars you mentioned in your original post on many occasions by the way. The Diablo also FAILED on many occasions in winning the championship. My point is that it's lucky all the top guys went to Carrera Cup, or maybe it STILL wouldn't have won the championship.
  8. Lambo racing sux compared to Ferrari racing. Period.
  9. Ferrari sux, period.
  10. Is Lamborghini still active in powerboat racing? I haven't followed it in a while.
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  12. Allan,

    The bones will come out of the closet! hehe, dont you still own a 355? I was wondering why you keep it anyway? need something to stand on while washing the SV ?:)
  13. I use the 355 when its raining, when i need to go to the grocery store, and when there is risk of getting a door ding. Everyone needs a beater!
  14. allanlambo sux, period.
  15. Wax, likes to wax ass.... mens ass.
  16. You like mens asses?????????

    The truth is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Ass talk aside, Lamborghini won this years Nations Cup championship in Australia. Yes there are parity issues in Nations Cup but the Lambo Diablo GT-R already weighed close to 1.4 tonnes in the first place, so fair game. The 8L V8 Holdens were no match. Closest rival to the Lambo was the 360GT Michelotto which the Lambo had no problems keeping up with through the short twistier circuits. No point mentioning how the Lambo fared on the longer straighter circuits.

    As for durability, the Lambo finished the 24 hr race in Bathurst last month in a credible 8th place considering they had to crawl from 26th after a blowout took out a brake line and not to mention 5 other unlucky puntures. The Lambo engine is bulletproof as proven in the Nations Cup season. Hope to see a 550/575 next year.

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