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Lamborghini Headquarters

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by West777, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Wow. This is one plance I would love to take a tour of. The factory looks amazing. They also have a museum in the same complex. Very Nice! This page also has some interesting information about Lamborghini production. Check it out.
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  3. I had a tour there in 1997 but there was no museum back then. Really amazing. To be honest loved it more than the Ferrari factory! Maybe it was because I toured the Ferrari factory on a Saturday (or at least a day they didn't really work) and the Lambo guy seem to enjoy his work more than the Ferrari man. Where I have great memories of is the De Tomaso factory. Really cool.

    Have pics of the Lamborghini and De Tomaso factories if anyone is interested, in all others I visited (VW, Ferrari and Nedcar (Mitsubishi/Volvo) it was not allowed to bring your camera.

  4. Post some PICS
  5. Okay, as requested some pics
  6. Another one
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  8. Yet another
  9. 4th one
  10. Last one for now, enjoy!
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  12. 250, Nice pics. That last one is very cool.

    Michael. Damn, that Murcielago (titanium?) with the red interior, that is amazing. I LOVE red interiors. And the yellow Diablo with red brake callipers, NICE!
  13. The nudie calender in the right corner of the last pic is a nice touch.
  14. Nice pics, but I don't see too many workers. I wonder how many applications they get to be the test driver.
  15. Back then I hated to have people on the pics. So that might be the reason you do not see many workers on it. The nudie calender was indeed intended to be on the pic, I liked that too ;-) Will check if I have some more interesting ones and will add a few of De Tomaso too. Imagine that we toured the group with somewhere around 40-50 people and I didn't want to get them on the pictures either ;-)

  16. I was at the factory in 2002. After my visit there, i didnt even bother going to Ferrari.
  17. And the second round. This was the Cutomer Cars Department
  18. Production
  19. Finished cars waiting for delivery
  20. DE Tomaso engines on showcase
  21. Frame of DeTomaso
  22. Work in Progress. BTW this is VIN ZDT8940000A*800022
  23. Final check De tomaso
  24. I noticed an LM002 in one of the pics. They must be extremely rare, arent they? What kind of power do they have?
  25. If memory serves me right, they are powered by a V12.

  26. Countach V12.


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