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Lamborghini Gallardo vs Honda Civic

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SED, Mar 24, 2004.

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  2. go honda!!!!
  3. That civic sucked. He wouldnt let the Lambo over and the Lambo had to brake hard for that car.

  4. Yeah no kidding! And big deal, you probably do have rice racers that would kick that Gallardo's ass.........but who cares. Which car would I still take?

    Mr.Gallardo por favor! That's style.



    P.S......and don't let that guy from the Lambarossa (or whatever) see this thread LOLLLL
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  6. Thats not a race.
  7. Hey the Lambo guy looked over to see these tools in a civic and wanted to get away from the lookieloos with the vid cam... Traffic and heavy braking what is the big deal? The honda would never keep up with the lambo so there is no real point to this argument.
  8. Gallardo all the way, i highly doubt that honda could have keep up with the Gallardo.
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  10. I agree, ricer POS! Hey Lamo- rossa, where are you?
  11. LOLLLL......that's exactly what i'm saying. Look up.
  12. Why is "vs." even in the thread when it's 2 cars just cruising on the freeway??
  13. Thats what I was thinking. Just another teenager filming exotic cars...just like me.
  14. Is this the same Civic that raced and kept up with the Dodge Viper?
  15. Too bad they couldn't afford a better microphone to pick up that beautiful Lambo sound. Regardless, the Gallardo owner was simply showing the driver of the other car that he was getting frustrated at being shadowed. This is somewhat amusing at times for an exotic car owner, but it also gets to be a pain when the other driver stays in your blind spot or won't get out of the way to let you pass slower traffic. Nighttime driving would make it even worse...
  16. Thats such BS...All that happened was the guy in the gallardo wanted to change lanes to the left. Note his turn signal once he accelerates. He wasnt really going all that fast...low revs...not pushing at all...The ass hole in the civic punches it and blocks the guy from changing lanes. Incredibly stupid thing to do...
  17. The morons in the Civic wouldn't let the guy in the Gallardo through!! Oh well, they'll go to hell!

  18. Mikey, when I see that picture you got it makes me die of laughter man, that show rocks big time LOLLLL


  19. BTW I am assuming since its on cheesefrogs website that it is cheesefrogs civic which would actually hand the Lambo its ass on a fwy roll on. Not saying the civic is a cool car by anymeans but his is damn fast. There was a video with him keeping up with a heads/cam Viper that runs mid 10's in the 130's.
  20. The Gallardo won. Quite easily I might add. You could see he walked away from them then hit the brakes so hard he nose dived.

    On a side note. I have never liked the looks of the Gallardo in pictures, but holy crap in action that thing looks awesome.
  21. I'm sure many prospective Gallardo purchasers will now switch to HONDA!
  22. Gallardo got owned by the civic!

  23. I don't think so, you call that a race??? That was pretty pathetic. You blast it for a few meters, then the Galardo stops because of traffic............that makes the civic a winner???

    On to the next thread lads!



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