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Lamborghini Gallardo picture request

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by keof50, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Has anyone got any pictures of the Gallardo in red, thanks alot
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  4. thank you that is a very nice colour, but i meant more of a ferrari red type colour. Thanks
  5. I haven't seen a Ferrari Red .
  6. Lamborghini will not sell it in a ferrari red. At least that's what they said in November when I inquired.
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  8. Wonder why NO chance it could be mistaken for a Ferrari!
  9. I was looking at the option list two weeks ago and this is the only red offered. The colors are (not the official description as I could never remember them all):


    Metallic Black
    Metallic Red/as seen above
    Metallic Blue

    Pearl Metallic Orange
    Pearl Metallic Yellow

    I guess you could get some kind of custom paint from the factory as well though.
  10. As a "welcome to the board" gesture, and because I was curious too, here's a 1 min Photochop I did of a few new Gallardo colors.
  11. thank you, i think it looks quite good in red but orange is better. Thanks again
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  13. red looks amazing
  14. you have one problwm with that

    the reflection is orange

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