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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by holschu, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. we will be going to maranello in september/october to take delivery of challenge stradale and would like to vistit the lamborghini factory, as well. would anybody want to share some contact info or experience or any other suggestions for the trip?
    thank you.
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  3. If you get hungry may I suggest "La Montana" just over the bridge from the factory gate(The bridge that you can view the Fiorano test track from). It is nestled in a little industrial park there,but visiable from the road. Very good food, and lots of interesting memorobilia hanging about. Stay away from the famed "Cavalino" as the food is marginal. But hey, with a location like that, I guess you don't have to serve good food.

    Enjoy yor trip! It will be great!
  4. I'm taking delivery on Wed next week of a new Murcielago and visited the factory a few weeks ago to see it in build. (it was'nt there as it turned out!).Its quite a drive from Maranello, leave at least 1 and a half hours and is just outside Sant'agata Bolognese actually near Nonontola. Make sure you have contacted the factory prior to arrange a visit as its not like the Ferrari factory who conduct tours,you will be shown around personally. If you email Wendy Lloyd on she will put you in touch with the correct person (she looks after UK clients).
    Its well worth it,I could have spent all day there although there is nothing in Sant'agata itself apart from the factory. Very different from the Ferrari factory in that there is not as much machinery and the people who work there love to show you what they do.
    I nearly went for the Strad myself but never had a V12 and the Murci lools the nuts. Best of luck.
  5. I was there in April. I'm pretty sure they don't let non-owners round the factory itself, but you can go round the museum, which is worth it. You can also see inside the factory from there. I don't recall it being that much of a drive from Maranello, but then much of the drive went quickly as I harassed a Gallardo on the way. Was also fortunate to see a customer Miura being put through its paces!

    While you're in the area, you should also visit the Maserati collection at the Panini farm. Pagani are also well worth a visit, but even if you aren't keen on the aesthetics, be prepared to want one badly (the quality of that car beats anything the other "supercar" makers produce by a long way)! DeTomaso are near by too, but there's sadly not much going on there at the moment - a little museum is worth a look if you're passing though, and the Vallelunga is one of the prettiest cars ever made (very rare though). Ducati are also in the area and the Maser factory is nr Modena too.

    Not sure where you're staying, but the Planet Hotel opposite the Ferrari factory is very nice, reasonably priced and overlooks the test track. It's also 30secs walk to the factory gates, opposite the Cavallino restaurant and directly above the store!

    Good luck with the CS. I'm currently debating getting either a Murci or a CS. Potential running costs of a Murci, plus reliability worries are making me question the wisdom of one, but I saw a pearl orange one a few weeks ago and cannot shake it from my head! Also have to work out how I can justify having 3 two seat cars, as I really don't want to sell the 355 (and the Caterham's part of the family!).
  6. you guys are great - thank you very much for taking the time to share your stories and suggestions - we will certainly follow your advice and report later.
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  8. If you want some contact details, let me know and I'll dig them out.

    Can also drop you a couple of photos to let you see where you're going if you like, though you may prefer to be surprised.

    There were a few stares at me putting a 355 in the car park, that's for sure :)
  9. When I was at the factory there was a guy with a F car t shirt and hat which was attracting some nasty looks! Maybe I got lost on the way from Maranello, my sis was driving but its much further than the 8 miles I was told! I'll let you know about the Murci reliability in a few weeks altough you might be aware of an e gear that does continuous track days at Thruxton in Hampshire. Was talking to a track day instructor who drives it a lot,Its out virtually every day and has been for months and has not had any probs whatsoever apart from usual tyres and brake pads replacement.
  10. The attention towards the 355 seemed quite positive really. But I wasn't paying too much attention as I was drooling over the Miura and several Murcis!

    Do let me know what you think of the Murci coming from the 355. The more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to have to find a way to sort it out :)

    Is the eGear any good? For some strange reason I think that paddles might not be such a no go option on one of these...
  11. I only drove the e gear Murci for a short time and it appeared fine but i'm biased and prefer the manual change anyway. I'll keep you up to date with the Murci progress of course. They seem to be holding their value extremley well over here in blighty.Mines going to be out all year round in all weathers!
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