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Lamborghini Diablo for £40k?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by saiid, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Hi,
    I'm currently thinking of buying a Ferrari 355 or, if possible, a Lamborghini Diablo. I have a daily driver, so for me this is really to tour Europe a couple of times a year, go to 2-3 track days per year and buy the occasional pint of milk ;) I would expect to do around 6,000 miles a year at the most.

    My budget is around £40,000 and around £2,000 per year for maintenance and servicing. Is this realistic? The car that sparked my interest recently was a 1990 Diablo priced at exactly £40,000. I think it had 20,000 miles on the clock.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be very welcome :)

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  3. I found another one that looks interesting. The only problem is finding information on the early Diablos? There's stacks of info on Ferrari 3xxs (obviously), but next to nothing in older Lambos. I've searched here, but there's not much info. Can anyone help me out? Please?! Or point me in the right direction?


    From what I can tell, other than regular servicing, I just need to worry about clutch changes?
  4. I dont want to burst your bubble, but your price of the vehicle and the cost of maintenance is unrealistic.

    $71,000 USD is the same as 40,000 "pounds", and you cant find a good Diablo for $71,000 USD.

    You will find one that has never been maintained, needs much servicing, dry rot, corrosion, etc...

    If you were to buy a Diablo 6.0/99SV, and you said $3500/year for maintenance, I'd agree with you. Not on a 1990-1995 Diablo, it wont happen. You will spend more to maintain and repair it than you are expecting.

    This may not be the reply you are looking for, but it's the honest reply instead of fluff.

  5. I think you would be better off going with an early 355B (1995 - 1997) which you can get for around 70 - 80K US (I would go with a higher mileage - but well maintained - something that has had the 30K service done in the past 1 - 2 years).

    Remember - higher milage is really not a bad thing - as long as it is well maintained. The lower milage will carry a premium - however most will agree a low milage - low maintained car can be a bad thing.

    If you have a well maintained car - I think that 3.5K per year is more than enough (Once you have the car is good running order (assuming the big service is done and everything is in working order) - I have spent about 1 - 2 k per year on average - over the past several years on my 355 spider(the 2K includes savings for a normal belt service every 4 - 5 years - running about 4K in the US by an independent).

    The extra you can use for adding things like a Tubi, Challenge grill, new floor mats and so on :)

    Hope that helps,
  6. Thanks for the replies guys - you haven't burst any bubbles - this is what I was expecting actually! I'm just glad someone confirmed it for me. So, I will go back into the hunt for a 355, which was the original plan anyway. The Diablo will have to wait ;)
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  8. Saiid,

    I have had a 93 Diablo for 5 years, and now a F355 also. With all due respect, with the budget you have, stick with a F355.

    That orange Diablo has been up for sale for a long time at various dealers...makes you wander why?

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