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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. This is my first NEW Lamborghini ,I'm curious what others think
    of Lamborghini customer service?
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  3. Are you talking about at the dealer level or national? If national, do you have any telephone nembers or contacts to ask for?
  4. I have them at work will post Monday
  5. Wayne
    What's up with your egear? Does the new computer work better? How is parking? Are shifts better?
  6. Racerdj

    Ken Mckay 781 788-0600
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  8. I'm still waiting.....on one more computer.
    Symbolic completed the first upgrade and they
    claim it is perfect. I'll report when I get my car back.
  9. Good luck! Please keep us up. My Maser got the latest software and it seems a bit better at parking speeds. At speed it's also a little crisper. That said I'm not sure about any egear in bumper to bumper.
  10. Hey Wayne,
    Would you agree with me when I say that it is not so much the E-Gear software as it is the spring setup on the gas pedal? If you have noticed there seems to be a slight bit of stickiness when you initially hit the gas pedal and it seems to make the car jump just a little. If you can smooth out that part of the pedal it seems like the car would park and move slowly more smoothly. Just a thought.

  11. Chris and Wayne I had a problem twice now with my otherwise perfectly running e-gear Murcie. Twice now when the car was put in first the engine would just spool up and the car wouldn't move it just let out a nasty burning clutch smell. I hope it was an isolated incident both times were on the same trip and it hasn't happened since, I just hope the clutch is OK, also I guess the 2004's have new engine software and when Kerbeck hooked the car up to their laptop to see why the check engine light was on they got codes back that they've never seen before, to make a long story short they replaced a couple parts after 2 weeks in the shop and the check engine light is now out, but the front left cat. blew its guts out, since a stage 2 exhaust is getting installed I don't care that the cat. is bad but I didn't even drive it after it got flat bedded home it went right to the shop for the exhaust and I have a blown cat, that the dealer didn't notice. the car really has me WORRIED now.
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  13. A blowen cat already? There must be somthing wrong to cause somthing like to to happen so soon in a cars life. I realize that it will be covered under warrenty, but make sure they find the reason as to why it went. You may have an over fueling problem with the car that must be addressed before you catch fire!!! Cat fires are the leading cause of the older Countaches and even some Diablo's going up in flames. Please be careful. I would hate to see somthing happen to you or the car.
  14. Good post Tom!!
  15. Thanks Tom, looks like its back to Kerbeck. I only have 1000 miles on the car and the Cat was blown by the dealer as they drove the car around 30 miles to make sure the check engine light stayed off.
  16. One thing that sometimes works with egears is to reboot. If you have a problem rev/no gear and smell clutch shut down car. wait at least 2 minutes and restart. I'd make sure your dealer knows about no/gear clutch smell. If a clutch smells you've damaged it. Maybe not a lot but you have. As for cat burning up, something is way wrong. That bank is too lean/rich and can cause mucho damage. I'd go on record, in writing. If your clutch burns out very early or if overheated bank head gasket goes you'll be glad you did. I'm sure there's a warning light "slo down" when cat gets too hot. The dealer should have shut down not continued driving until it burned up cat.
    My 2c
  17. They did find something wrong with cylinder #8 when the check engine light came on but I guess they didn't realize the damage was already done to the cat. I did put the clutch smell and everything on the record already. Hopefully these will be my ONLY problems I really love the car.
  18. Good luck. If #8 got hot enough to burn the cat. the check engine light was working. When those come you have to shut down ASAP. I'd watch out for signs they warped the head. White smoke on that bank etc. I'd also do a leak down on that cyl.
  19. Chris
    I'm sure you are in a position to know, but they wouldn't be changing out all the computers if it was JUST a spring would they?
  20. I'd be interested to find out what was wrong with #8. Injector or ignition?

    If you still have the cat, pull it out of the can and photograph it. I can do basic forensics on it for you.
  21. Jim
    I agree with Tom (which is unusual HA) but even if you are going to stage 2 get and keep the new cat. I'm probably going with Test pipes on mine ass soon as I can hear a set.
  22. Eric I'll get pics. later on today of the blown cat. when I pick up the car. I'd take a video for sound with the test pipes and exhaust but I have no idea how to put that on the computer. Wayne I'm definately getting the cat. replaced under warranty just so the car could go back to original if the next owner wants to. I'll post impressions of the exhaust system and hopefully the big performance boost later today, I'm picking the car up at 5:00 est.
  23. Alright I just picked up my car stage 2 installed. First the blown cat. doesn't really look like anything, that's just it you could look right through it and all that was left of what was inside looks like 2 pieces of charred wood like what you take out of your fireplace. The stage 2 exhaust which I got from Kurt at White Racing in Tampa is LOUD. When I started the car I scared the sh$$ out of everybody in the shop. There is some unwanted resonance in the cabin at around 2600-2800 rpm, so I either have to cruise below 70 or over 90 for it to go away but I think it definately makes the car. It now sounds like a car with 600hp is supposed to sound. As far as performance increase I can't really tell. The car has a G-meter in it so when I re-fuel and set it up I'll see if it pulls harder than the .91G it pulled stock.
  24. . The car has a G-meter in it so when I re-fuel and set it up I'll see if it pulls harder than the .91G it pulled stock.[/QUOTE]

    G-meter way cool.Now if you have a G suit you can fly that jet!
    If your #8 cylinder is damaged...does Lamborghini repair locally,ship you a new motor, or repair that one at the factory. Dodge Vipers for instance if there is an engine problem Arrow (an independent company rebuilds
    the Viper engines). Just curious how Lamborghini would handle the situation?
  25. Wayne I dunno about the engine it seems to be running GREAT now. The G-meter came with the car believe it or not. Its one of the settings in the trip computer, along with the lap timer etc. Its pretty cool.
  26. I bought the computer package also guess I'll read the owners manuial!!
  27. What is his job title and job responsibility?
  28. Wayne
    Isn't lemon law time coming? Give it back to them and buy a 6 speed or a Ford GT.

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