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lamborghini countach lp500 prototype

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by alan, May 11, 2004.

  1. hi, i posted this on lamborghini talk but didnt get much reponse! i really would like to know if the headlights on the countach lp500 actually worked. I have never seen any pictures of them in the on/up position anywhere.Does anyone know if (or have any pictures of) the headlights in the up position on the countach prototype did they actually work, or where they just a feature not implemented untill production models? its just something i always wondered about, thanks in advance for any info or pics Alan W.
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  3. go to and do a search, i believe all the pictures of the Countach prototype are with the headlights closed, but check anyway....
  4. thanks, but not there either; thats my quest to find out if there are anywhere, such photos.I own most of the countach books that are available and there are no pics in those, so my last thought was to ask those informed people on this web site, maybe someone from the factory would know...... any readers used to work there! thanks again Al
  5. Allan, I'm going to have to say yes, they definately were working lights. Though I have no pictures. However the test program had Wallace and Stanzani driving this car day and night. The 500 was a workhorse. Driving quite some distance for pleasure and business. Even taking the car through mountains and weather to visit the Targa Florio and many other distant places.
  6. I found this cross-sectional view of the LP500 prototype in World Cars 1972. The enlarged detail shows that there IS a headlight assembly below the opening lid, and there is a servo motor to open the lid. So I have to assume that the headlights were functional.

    In Road & Track's report of the Countach in November 1973, they say:
    "But it soon developed that the car was not only for show. It ran, and as soon as the car returned to Sant'Agata (from the 1971 Geneva Show) road testing began." So the LP500 prototype must have been more than a static display car, although at least the instrument panel and the steering wheel were replaced with conventional items before the car went into testing.
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  8. I have a picture of wallace picking up the keys to a test track outside dallaras house.His father was mayor so could open the track when he liked.The lights look half up as if they had been having trouble with the motors or relays.
  9. hey matt any chance you could scan and post your picture would love to see it, thanks Alan, and thanks to all the other people who have replied to this thread also, cheers AL
  10. Sorry- i have been away i will get on it soon, the picture is black and white though!
  11. I think I read somewhere that the body panels on the LP500 Countach were only 1mm thick! I found this poster in my box of old Italian magazines.
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  13. hey thats a great poster, not a photo ive seen before, any chance you could take a shot front on and repost ?, cheers AL
  14. Hi, Alan;

    I made several attempts to shoot it "head on" and they didn't work very well due to reflections. The poster was stored folded inside the magazine for about 30 years, and it isn't in good shape. I suppose I could try mounting it behind glass in one of the poster frames we have here at the house and try it again, I'll see what I can do for you, OK? But the folds are always going to be visible.

    This was an insert in Quattroruote magazine, it has a print of Jackie Stewart in his Tyrrell on the other side. Technically, it isn't mine, or I would just give it to you.
  15. hey thanks for the offer , but i wouldnt give that away in a million years, that must be worth something ,even if only historical/memrobilia value, but some more attempts at a front on shot would sure be appreciated , thanks again AL

  16. You are correct on the thin bodies. I have an early 1974 with the 1mm body. It is to say the least a fragile skin for a street car. The early ones also had uprights, transmission castings and other pieces cast in magnesium. The first 19-20 cars have a number of differences from the rest.

    That is a great poster, I had not seen before. Wish I could find one too...

    Best regards,
  17. Well, I tried a few different ways to take a "head on" shot of the poster, and all of them failed, but I don't claim to have a lot of experience at this. Whenever I shoot head on, whether it's behind glass or not, you lose a great deal of the clarity due to reflections. You move off center (like the first one I posted), and the clarity improves greatly. I don't see an obvious copyright mark on it, maybe a print shop could scan and reproduce?

    It says "Galleria Quattroruote Allegato redazionale al fascicolo n.11 - novembre 1971 (Foto Baldassi) - Stampa Ilte - Torino" "Lamborghini <Countach> carrozzeria Bertone"
  18. well i guess a print shop might be able to do that, not sure though, that would be fantastic if you could look in to anything like that, but id feel kind of indebted to you, please dont go out of your way too much though, thanks AL
  19. Hello,

    I was just browsing through some threads and found this. Were you able to scan and post this image?

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