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Lamborghini Atlanta...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 134282, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Stopped by Lamborghini Atlanta today... Among some Esprits and Elises, there were some other neat cars - mainly Lamborghinis... i think my favorite was the silver 6.0 - beautiful car with aftermarket wheels... The place was jumping, too - very busy... But i still managed to walk around and take a few pictures without disturbing the peace...
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  3. thanks for the pics nno, but you need to lay off the coffee man, all the pics are blurry-ish. lol j/k

  4. I thought Lamborghini of Beverly hills had alot of cool cars.... oh wait, they have a Porsche 959, a Diablo GTR (28/30),a Jaguar XJ220, and they used to have 2 Bugatti's. :)
  5. the silver 6.0 is quite nice:)
  6. I enjoyed the pictures. What a nice collection.
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  8. Wow, that is the first time I have seen the Gallardo with the glass engine cover, it looks good, but I'd prefer the original cover. Great pictures.
  9. They still have the black 98 SV ! That is supposed to be a 2K mile car. I think they wanted in the hi - 150 K's ? That seems reasonable for a 2k mile car.
  10. Hey, i just noticed that!
  11. Nice pics Buddy!!!
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  13. Hey Ralph. They sold it once, then took it back in trade. Interesting.
  14. Thanks; wish i'd seen a Countach or a Diablo Roadster, but the stuff they had there was really nice... The black Diablo would've been perfect if the silver lips on the wheels were black like the rest of the wheels... So when do we get to see pictures of your car with the completed modifications...?
  15. Can i post Lamborghini of Beverly Hills pictures here, or should i make a new thread. I don't have too many so thats why i didn't make a new thread earlier (they don't let you take pictures inside the showroom, some weird dumb policy they have)
  16. Armen, you can post pictures in this thread or start a new regardless of how many pictures you have; it's your choice, either way...
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  18. Sweet...! The Diablo looks nice, especially with those black wheels... Were the GTRs 6.0s...?

    i don't understand why they won't let people take pictures inside; that doesn't make sense to me...
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  20. Thank car is pure power, nothing more. You can barely get in by the looks of it. There are roll bars on both sides and carbon fiber everywhere you look.
  21. Only one picture here. It's from Lamborghini in Via Veneto, Rome.
  22. NNO... looks like you could cut a deal for one of them. They seem to have waayyyy too much new car inventory. Looks like they aren't selling that many. Their inventory holding costs must be back beaking. Maybe cash back incentives and 0% financing too! Looks like the same on floor inventory I saw a couple of months back when I was there looking for some sponsorship for ICD.
    I'm sure they'd deal. :)

  23. Carbon,

    You need to adjust your shutter speed when your shooting pics inside. THey
    are blurred due to the fact the shutter is too slow, and your hands are
    moving holdin the camera. Either that, or get a tripod. They are $20, but
    will make a huge difference in picture quality.

    Also, the silver 6.0 is listed on ebay, and there is some good pics
    I believe.

    Give ChrisLamborghiniAtlanta a PM if you have questions about any of
    these cars. Chris is an absolute stand up guy, and would love to help
    you guys out if you have questions. Highly recommended.
  24. Brendon, thanks; i never really knew what the hell i was doing wrong that made all of my 'inside' pictures come out like crap... i'll have to play with the settings; thank you...

    i actually called Chris that day, right before i went over there... He was really nice and told me to come on down, but when i got there, they were mobbed; everyone was busy helping someone, so i just hung out for about 15 minutes taking pictures, then i left... i figured if he saw me, he was too busy to say hi and, not being a real customer, i didn't want to disturb someone and say, "hey, is Chris around, i wanna shoot the ****...?"

    Maybe next time.

    Jeff, i think i'd give up living under a roof if it would afford me the possibility of owning an Elise, let alone a Lamborghini or a Ferrari... :) Those things are bad ass; i can only imagine how much fun they are...
  25. NNO,

    Im surprised they let the dude that does the FML into the showroom,
    I mean, isnt that like incest? Sort of the forbidden fruit type of thing?
  26. Lambo Atlanta is selling some cars. They have taken a very agrressive approach to stocking one of the best new/used inventories in the U.S. They are certainly heavy on G cars, but the used Diablo's are like gold. I know of 8 Diablo's they have sold in the last couple of months. They are also moving quite a few Murci's. They are heavy in inventory by choice, and want to be the Lambo destination for buyers.
  27. Gotta love a dealer who finds Diablo's fine new owners at that rate!
  28. Love that pic of the black SV! The silver 6.0 to follow is also stunning...not as good as gold though. :)

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