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Aventador Lamborghini adventador svj depreciation

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Lambo fan, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. So I wanted to buy a Brand New Lamborghini adventador svj roadster and I wanted to know if it would would it depreciate. As far im aware that as soon as you drive it out of the showroom, it will loose value. For example , If I was to keep this car for 5 years and every year I put 5000 miles on it, then how much would it depreciate by?

    I know that this car isnt the last lamborghini NA V12 car but will that make a difference?
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  3. The answer is a painful amount of depreciation. In all fairness, it's a new car & you plan on driving it 25k miles. Buying a year old used is often the best compromise, if the focus is on the money.
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  4. Ok. For example, if this car costs £400,000 brand new and I put 25,000 miles on it in 5 years, then how much would it depreciate by?
  5. I would start looking at all used Aventadors. Get some data & try to find actual sold prices, maybe by looking at eBay or auctions. You should be able to get a good guesstimate how much they depreciate. I would expect 100k or more. Just a guess, with most of it in the first year. 25k miles is not low miles on one either.

  6. So even 5 years later if it had 25,000 miles on it, it would loose 100k value? I asked the dealer and they told me in 10 years they only loose 30 to 35% but they never told me if it was to have less mileage or high mileage.
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  8. Not trying to rain on your parade, but believe it or not 25K miles on an Aventador (or any other Exotic) is a TON of miles, specially in 5 years. I would expect depreciation to be very stout.
  9. So what would be a accepted amout of mileage for the car so that it doesnt depreciate as much. And if does depreciate, then how much by?

    Also, is true that in 10 years time the car only depreciates 30 to 35% of original value?
  10. If we had crystal balls then we would not be worrying about depreciation. :D

    Why not see what murcielago prices are today. This will give you an indicative for future price range on the Aventador. Also, the Aventador has been around since 2011. So at some stage in the near future, Lambo will release a new model. It can't be far away, 2 - 3 years? This will have a knock on effect as well.

    Not trying to be funny, but if you can afford to spend 400K GBP (525K USD) on a car then why is depreciation a hot topic?

  11. I am just curious to know. Thats all.
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  13. Do not quote me on this but I have heard others in other forums say that 2000 a year is acceptable as not too few that it's sat and dried up, and not too many. YMMV.
  14. This car's been around for a looong time. Should be easy to figure out depreciation based on actual numbers. I suggest you take a look at 3 to 5 year old Aventador's, see if you can find any in the mileage range you think yours will be at in 5 years, take 5% off of the asking price and compare the asking price to the original MSRP (ask sellers for what the MSRP is, you are in the market after all so you are a potential buyer, and for a car at this level, they should have the original sticker for it or at least know what the MSRP was).

    That's going to be your most accurate estimate for depreciation. Let us know what you find out.

    Depreciation on any new car is painful. But it is specially painful on a new exotic that is not a real instant collector car (think F50, F50, La Ferrari, etc.). If you are going to not enjoy the car because of depreciation my advice is to lease it (then you'll know exactly what your cost will be at lease end) or buy something used (and even then depreciation will be expensive, you just wont have to swallow the first owner's depreciation which seems to be usually the worst).
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  15. Anecdotally, I have lost at least $200,000 on an SV Roadster with few miles. They only made 500 of those, 800 SVJ’s. This is why I passed on an SVJ.
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  16. Going to lose a ton. They built way too many, old mechanicals and far too many quality competitors to choose from for that amount of money.
  17. I am in your boat now my SVJ Roadster went in last week. My suggestion is this if you’re worrying about depreciation then SVJ ROADSTER is really not for you dude. I do understand your view point tho i was there too but based on your 25,000 miles in 5 years you’re losing for sure without a doubt about $100k. Now. Can you the SVJ ROADSTER become a collector of course it can but we’re looking at 30 years down the road lol. Enjoy the car like me ,,,,soon that is.

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