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Lambo yellow

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Juice It, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Which yellow do you think looks better on a Gallardo/6.0 the pearl yellow or the "normal" yellow. Don't know the color names. Does one match the yellow interior inserts and calipers better than the other or is that a non issue?
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  3. Perl Yellow is by far much more pleasing to the eye. I'm biased as my 6.0 is in perl yellow. The 'flat' yellow just seems boring. Seen it in person, it's nice, but boring.

    The perl just hits you right at every angel with the sun out, no sun out, in the garage, etc.. Always looks 'exotic'.

    That's my opinion anyway. :)

  4. Jeff, I think it depends on the light. I've got the solid yellow. I drove a pearl yellow car on an overcast day, and wasn't keen on it. But I've seen the pearl in a motor show and it looked great. Pearl is certainly more popular and it photographs well. Solid yellow looks good to me, particularly in the bright light here in Australia.

    I was worried that pearl would be hard to match if repairs were needed, but this might be an unfounded fear.

    If I were you, I would avoid both yellow calipers and yellow seat inserts in a yellow car. These look great on a black car. With yellow paint, just yellow stitching is all you would need.

    But, color is personal. The main thing is to get the color YOU like.
  5. hello jeff.

    actually spotted 2 yellow gallardos once, one is metallic. let me know if this helps.

    seven 1600x1200 pix:

    personally i'd get the pearl. it shows off the lines of the car twice as much as flat.
  6. its a non-issue. however, the yellow calipers are flat yellow so obviously metallic yellow won't match it as well as the other.
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  8. Nice pics. I kinda like both but lean toward the pearl. By the pics its pretty hard to tell which is which. Where did you take them? Thanks.
  9. I think both those cars are pearl. The solid yellow is a different color. If I'm wrong, which is which?
  10. Looks great, its tough to go wrong with a Gallardo.

    Also, does anyone else think that yellow is becoming to Lamborghini as red is to Ferrari?
  11. mhh: left car is flat yellow, right is pearl. you can easily see the difference in this picture:
    Metallic yellow is superior imo.

    jeff: took them at Sport Auto in greensboro NC. the dealer is a 7-hour drive from my house, one-way. been there 12 times so far. yes, i like cars.
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  13. i will agree with this statement.
  14. There you go again Mark, posting those perfect pics.
  15. Thanks Ray, can't help myself!
  16. Pearl, hands down! It is so deep and beautiful a color.

    Yes, Lambo is using yellow as a brand image color now.

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