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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by yesod, Jan 9, 2004.

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  2. My wife and I had dinner with Valentino, he's an incredible person.

  3. Nice allan did you by any chance let him drive the SV. ?
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  5. cool VID, wouldnt want to buy that one without a major service bieng done though!!!!
  6. No, but i found it a compliment that on his computer he had a screen saver with my Sv and Nitrous bottle!
  7. he did prety good job driving that lamborgini.
  8. Here is one that diddn't go so well.
    Chassis #1121012 being test driven on public roads by Valentino, the car was 8 days old. A truck pulled in front of him and he had to ditch it to avoid a collision. The good news is that the stock cage held up. He had to crawl thru the windshield to escape. (Mental note: the doors don't open when a Lambo is upside down!)
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  10. geeze that would $uck!!!!! lucky he was able to get out that way at all from the looks of it!
  11. That video had me on the edge of my seat....WOW !!! That was very's nice to see an exotic supercar get beat on once in a while. Of course I would never attempt that in my TR.....?.....well.....?
  12. How old is Valentino? And how long with Lambo? Must be long if he crashed that lp400s with bravo wheels (78-79 only).
  13. I believe he's been there 36 years.

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