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lambo upkeep

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by white viper, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. i am thinking about upgradeing from my viper to like a 98 diablo but i was woundering about the upkeep. i put about 20,000 miles on my viper a summer so i really wantto know is the lambo relighable or will it cost a arm and a leg tokeep the car running

    thanks jon
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  3. Not that many Lambo owners here try the L site. Only couple of thousand miles on my Gallardo no problems.
  4. You will invaritably get a lot of differing feedback on this one. I have clients that have gone forever with no problems and a few unlucky people that have purchased cars and not been so lucky. Just make sure that you purchase from someone fairly reputable with a good service shop and you will greatly improve your chances of getting an excellent car that will last you quite some time. The great thing about this board is that you can find out who "not" to do business with from members past experiences.


  5. I guess that's true if you call a V8 running on 6 cylinders "No problem"
  6. If you are going to put 20,000 miles in a 3 month period on a lambo,or any exotic for that matter,yes it will cost you an arm and a leg.And yes it is reliable,but you will still need the arm and leg.
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  8. Very well said :)
  9. V-8 you must be referring to A F-40.
    Rick are you ruinning your F-40 at Silverstate?
    Is Golder driving anything this time?
  10. banana boat. does/did the 'Golder' you refer to own an F40. I sold my F40 a few years ago (here in Scottsdale) to a man with a similar name. He blew up the engine on the Virginia City Hill Climb (...wonder how the Gallardo would do on that?). Cheers, Casino
  11. Very well said regardless of the exotic!!
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  13. what is the Lambo chat site?
  14. Chris, Have you run into that "ground problem" on the 6.0's burning up starters?

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