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Lambo stories/photos from Players' Run 2004?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Anybody have any news on how the Lambos did.

    Here's a few pics I found
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  3. Thanks for the pics Mark!!
  4. My fiancee and I drove the green Murcielago on the Players Run. It was an amazing trip, no serious damage to the car until we shipped it home. The company that we used to ship the car home from Cali took a nice chunk out of the front bumper and also gouged the rim on the rear passenger side. This car was great for the entire 3000 miles. It's pretty comfy!
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  6. wow it must have been fun! sorry to hear your car recieved some damage, nothing worse than ending a roadtrip with someone carelessy doing what their supposed to be good at.
  7. Hey AMGgirl! Nice of you to finally join F-Chat! Talk to you soon!
  8. Scene from the Players Run
    Location: Gas station in bowels of Kansas
    Characters: AMGgirl5, Slimy Larry and Greasy Earl
    Backdrop: Green Murcielago

    "Hey sweetie, is that there contraption a Feee-air-o with a body kit on it?"
    <spits chewing tobacco out>
    "Nah, Earl, whaddareya stuepeed? I seen one of them contraptions on TV. Y'all must be celebrities. Y'all are celebrities, aintcha?"
    <scratches groin>
    "Sheeit, I bet y'all are celebrities."

    Hey girl, what's up? Nice to see you here!!!
  9. Ryalex, stories are being saved for the DVD. Cops drawing guns is part of it, as you mentioned.
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  11. Come on, Clax! Just a FEW stories....that's all we're asking! :)
  12. Hey Clax,

    Are you the owner of the other fee-aro with the body kit ? You should come see us the weekend I heard you'll be on "our side". :)
  13. That's me! We'll be in Michigan on Saturday morning (but not in your area), so how about Sunday?
  14. Clax,

    We might be going to a charity event with the car on Sunday but I'm sure that Michael would rather hang with you and T. How are the new wheels treating you? There are some great shots of your car on Sophia & Dave's site. Also, your car is on the Players Run website now. Anyway, give us a call we would love to see you. Bye!


    Hey Michael FVM!!! I can't wait to see my little orange bambino!!
  15. AMGgirl, your little "bambino" is sitting in port just waiting for customs release. Should be soon; maybe we can bring them both back to you at the same time.
  16. Cool. Those pics are all taken from here in Topeka.
  17. Who was your shipping courier ?

    Could help me and others out down the road to avoid the same troubles.

    I am currently shipping a Lambo myself. Would hate to run across the same fellas that did your car. !

  18. Until we recieve (or don't recieve) a check from the company to cover the damages that they caused, I don't want to say the name. I will say that the company is a large one used by Lamborghini dealerships and the owner of the company is not a very nice guy. We will see if they make good on their promise or just cut their losses. ( I did not pay the driver for the shipping of the car when he arrived with it.) I will absolutely let everyone know if the company does not pay for what they did!
  19. Oh I bet I can guess who did that one!!! We have gone away from using the 6 car enclosed guys as the absolutely are the worst at getting cars to places in a timely fashion. I almost exclusively use a two car enclosed that guarantees an almost 4 day turnaround time coast to coast after pickup. If you guys need the number just email me and I will set you up with him. He is good as gold and has never, ever damaged anything or let anyone down. I have recommended him to a few people on this board and he has impressed everyone he has met. Hope you get your stuff repaired, fixed, paid for etc... I have been in the same boat with a few cars and it is not a fun place to be.

  20. hi A and J... how are you?

    i got screwed by Reliable-Carriers. They charged almost double what they quoted. They said it was considered "inoperable" because of the flat. Then I got screwed by Belle Tire. When they removed the flat tire they also removed a good chunk of my wheel with it.... those idiots! So much for welding the crack. I sent it out to HRE to get it completely rebuilt.
  21. Hey Nick! Sorry to hear about how your car carrier f-d up as well. As a fellow HRE owner I feel your pain :(. Is the tire company going to pay for the damage? I have you on video getting pulled over w/ us somewhere in NY. Best of luck with everything getting the car fixed. We are sending the Lambo out today to get the damage taken care of. Michael and I are always free (losers) so if you and your wifey would like to have dinner sometime and you are in town, you have the office # give us a call. Take care. -A-

  22. Hey AMGgirl & Nick!

    What's shakin? Hopefully you guys can resolve your car transport issues with as few headaches as possible. When my car arrived, a hydraulic line inside the truck burst and spewed a little fluid on my car. Thankfully it wasn't corrosive and washed right off. I just about had a heart attack when I saw it.

    AMGgirl, Tgirl is going to give you a call tomorrow to see if we can hook up this weekend (she mentioned Sunday).

    Talk to you guys later!

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    Belle Tire denied doing it. It's their word against mine. It will be an expensive lesson. I'll be taking my rim to Cauley to get it mounted. In the mean time I'll be cruising the streets in these bad boys:
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  24. DAMN!!!! Are those spinners?

    lol :)
  25. AMGgirl5, what is the good and the bad of the murci? I am looking into buying one but want to know what they are like first.
  26. I love almost everything about the Murcielago. Driving it 3000 miles across the country seemed like it would be hell but the car performed very well. The only thing that I find difficult is backing this car into a tight spot. The car has very little visibility out of the rear window. This car is SO much more driver friendly than the Diablo was. I hope that you do get a Murci. They are alot of fun and beautiful to look at. :)

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