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Lambo spy shot

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by zjpj, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Downloaded this from Kazaa actually. Anyone know anything about it? The picture title is: Lamborghini 2005 rear view(top secret pic)
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  3. the pic - sorry
  4. I don't think that is a Lambo. That may well be a Cieztea(the v-16 power super car that never really caught on)
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    Do you have a pic from the side because its hard to tell what it is.

    Now here's a pic of a Cizeta Moroder V16T..(The rear doesn't really look the same to the black car)
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  8. "restyled"? are they planning to have three models on the market? or was someone just messing about with a diablo?

  9. No its a custom job.
  10. There's quite a few tuners in Europe that work exclusively on the Diablo. Some designs are really out there.
  11. Yeah! I think that's it. Looks very similar. Also, looks pretty cool....
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  13. Yeah I posted that at LamboTalk a little bit ago i thought it was the Canto.
    I thought someone called it a "Mandelli TBO" or smoething like that.
    It looked pretty cool but if its really *just* a restyled lambo done by someone as a custome job, the end result is pretty cool.
  14. Yeah that looks like it, look at the wing, it seems to be the same one.

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