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Lambo servicing and 6.0 questions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Auraraptor, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. I am just wondering, if I was to purchase a lambo 6.0, where in the NE does the serivice? Do they have free pick up and deliverly? One of the nice things about fcars is the free pickup and delivery from dealerships, making it a lot less of a hassle.

    Also concerning the car, does it have the famous Lambo clutch which goes 10 of thousands of miles in the right hads and 5 in the wrong? How is the engagement (does it grap and go like a f car or grap and stall like a porsche?) Is it modulatable under its own power like a fcar or do you need to rev it to go from a start ala NSX/porsche?

    I know fcar service intervals like the back of my hand, but what about lambos? I know they do not need belts, but how often does one get serive done? Every 15k miles?

    Thanks just wondering, seeing how 6.0s can be had now for 150k and seem to still be dropping....
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  3. I currently have my 98 Diablo SV at Criswell Lamborghini in Gaithersburg MD.They are doing my 4500 mile service,which includes all fluid changes,rear end, trany,brake,power steering , systems check, belts,brakes,etc.The cost is $900.00 to $1000.00 Hope this helps!
  5. Dont know about dealers in the N.E.Dont know if they deliver or pick up or give a loaner car.Have had F+L cars since 82 and never thought about using that service.As far as clutch,it is the same clutch that is in the 550.Exactly.No motor out or major services are dictated.Regular maintenance with periodic checks on major issues.Have logged over 100k since 99 on various Diablos,never needed a "major service",have never had a motor out in any Diablo ,and have owned them since 91.No service problems at all in the 6.0,knock on wood.My experiences only.
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  7. 6.0se and Wildwarrior, I heard somewhere a while back that the Diablo owner's manual exclaims, "This vehicle was meant to be driven daily" or something to that effect (that driving more = less problems).

    Is this Myth or Fact?
  8. I just went through my manual and did not see anything like that.

  9. My manual for my 98 shows the proper hook up for a trickle charger when left for more than a week at a time.But says nothing about daily driving!
  10. Why can't the battery be disconnected with the switch behind the drivers seat instead of the charger
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  12. It could be.If you want to keep everything current though,clock,alarm etc,the trickle would work.I just use the kill switch though.Im lazy.
  13. The best alternative for keeping a hot battery in the car is a battery tender. The new ones require only a small pigtail attached to the battery with the small trickle charger plugging directly into the wall, similar to charging a cell phone.

    If you are shopping for a 6.0 be certain to check out a little-known electrical issue. All the earlier Diablos had a large secondary ground strap from the starter to the frame. For some reason the 6.0's were only grounded through the engine/transmission. We've replaced several starters due to inadequate voltage...the starter will engage but not disengage which burns up the starter. Not a small thing as it's an engine out process to replace the starter.

  14. I understand that Criswell will not be a dealer for much longer.
    Any truth? Anyone picking up the franchise if true?

    Omar, there are also two Lambo dealers in NJ. One in Atlantic City, one near NYC.

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