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Lambo Racing Finished

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by UroTrash, Oct 20, 2004.

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    As everyone probably knows, Mr. Dick Barbour had to unfortunately terminate his Lambo racing efforts 3 weeks ago before Leguna Seca.

    I went to see him today at Road Atlanta about a car (he is an absolute gentleman!) and saw this sad sight: A worker peeling the Lambo sticker off the support truck. :(

    It's really too bad, I was hoping Lambo could make a good go of it.
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  3. Sad. I thought it had quite a chance. But given the car as it is, it doesn't need to race to boost sales at all. I believe some series, like the Speed GT series helps sell cars and is good for the manufacturers.
  4. They cited the removal of the Murci from ALMS as "lack of support from the manufacturer".

    I wish that trucker took some time to remove the sticker as I would have paid $500 for it to put on the garage wall. =)

  5. Ben, I'm sure you could get it made for $500. But of course, that wouldn't be off of the Lambo race truck.
  6. If only the team had support from Audi NA, I think that it would had helped their chances in staying in the series longer. Makes me wonder what will become of the team cars, will they race again on another team or wind up in warehouse as part of someone's private collection?
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  8. I have a vendor with the Lambo graphics loaded and ready to noted they can make you one for WAY less than $500....

    They did some "black only" ones for me for less than $100.......

    Hightech Signs, in Houston, Texas...

    Ask Lambogirl "Chelle", I gave her one for her garage.........
  9. He's gonna need a GALLON of "Goo Gone" now.......LOL!!!
  10. I asked Mr. Barbour exactly that. He said they might be bought as race cars or maybe to Japan for collections. He had both sitting there with an extra engine and 2 extra sets of bodywork.
  11. That sucks, I was so looking forward to seeing it at Laguna Seca. But now I won't be able too. Bummer, I'm sure someone else will start another team.
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  13. Yes he did!!!
    Thanx again, It does look great right there above the blue car :)
    Good quality and nice, crisp edges..
    I'd post a pic but I reached my quota :(
  14. So subscribe!, $15 bucks is chump change.
  15. Yes it is a minor fee, and worth it but I don't do PayPal.
    Can we subscribe sending Rob the $ direct? I don't do paypal.. am actually part of a settlement with them as problems with them 2 years ago cost me nearly $20k...

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