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Lambo owners-post a pic

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, May 15, 2004.

  1. Thought it might be fun to see how many Lambo's we could get posted from owners here.I am aware of at least 10 owners,with several more new owners in the last 3 weeks.Post a pic with a description etc.......

    Ill start it off.2001 6.0 se.The car has 3000 miles,and is a two owner.The only mods are muffler delete(saved over 100lbs),and larini exhaust.They made 20 gold se's,of which 7 were brought into the U.S.
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  3. Here is my 88.5 Countach.3500 2 owner miles.1 of only 10 yellow 4 valves produced,according to the factory,and the only one with brown interior.The car has original paint and still on the original tires.mods include ceramic coated exhaust,and powdercoated wheels.The engine was painted yellow during its recent engine out service.Ignition has been updated.
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  5. That does look good in gold dude. I sometimes drive a diablo myself and if my F car goes it will be the next car i own.I love them.
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  7. Beautiful S.V.Love the Monterrey gills!!
  8. 99 Millennium VT Roadster, 6/10
  9. Thanks, love the golden touch, yours is a rare beauty
  10. Here's my Miura. It is the 137th of a total of 475 original P400 Miura's produced by Lamborhini.
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  12. Mark,what a car.Thats what I was looking for before I found my 6.0,but I couldnt find a nice one.Yours is gorgeous.

    Gil,what a work of ART.Im speechless.
  13. I know this is ferrari chat sacrelige but I think the Miura is probably the most beautiful car ever built anywhere.


    If you're looking for a piece to keep in the glove box of the Diablo, here's a link. Jut case some kid in a 4 pot wizbanger mobile gets "out of line"
  14. That is so cool!!Im a Bond nut anyway,before the car.
  15. Red,Red, you get the picture!!
  17. And one more.
  18. World class !!!!
  19. ...well, I know most of you have already seen my Murci...but for the sake of this thread, here it is again:
  20. Great idea for a thread A.J. Dunno why someone didn't think of this sooner. Beautiful bulls everyone!!!

    Where's that red SE30? Let's see some pics! :)
  21. A little older, but not that many out there either. My "new" '88 Jalpa purchased last October and currently being fixed in NH. These photos were taken when the car was inspected before at the old owners house.

    The car ran and that was it. There were so many little things and some major problems that needed fixing. The paint is pretty good, but the whole thing will be stripped and repainted. The car is 100% original, except for a new stereo.

  22. Tell me all about your glass engine bay cover. Price, who manufactured it as I understand it is not factory (available only on the Gallardo at this time).
  23. This thread certainly has produced some amazing shots. I'd like high res e-mailed to me if possible.
  24. Dave,incredible 6.0.Did you change the wheels out yet?

    Casino,Hey,isnt that Rabeeh's Murci??Love the color and the wheels Andrew.

    Rovingtravler,Congrats on that Jalpa.Great color on that car.Love those wheels!!
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  26. Changed out on Friday night, pictures on the way. Maybe I' set up a poll. The OEM wheels look extremely good on the car. Seing your rims on your Golden Car made me reconsider the OEM. Due to some mishandling of the OEM wheels, I had to have the fronts resurfaced and painted (minor nicks etc.). A little shop near Indy is very well known for their work and the fronts look great. The owner somehow had a patent on a machine that they use. If anybodys interested the business name is called Mr. Wheel and the phone number is (317) 485-7046. I am extremely picky and they really pleased me with their job. BYW the paint matches perfectly with the rear rims!
  27. How do you like the Tubi??

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