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lambo owners-fans are more objective about cars

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. is it my imagination or are lambo owners-fans more objective about their lambos and more accepting of other makes ,as opposed to the other major exotic car makers fact if i posted this in the ferrari section, i would be shot on the spot...if i hear "if its not a ferrari, its not worth driving"one more time!!!!what a bunch of bull!!!!no pun intended...besides the posts ae more interestng on the lambo site..and i am a ferrari owner 2x!!!!
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  3. go over to the other board L-chat..and have a look at the posts. To be hounest I think both groups of owners are about the same when it comes to comparing their cars to other cars. But lately it has been happening more with the Lambo guys. I guess it goes in spurts.
  4. "The force grows strong with this one..."

    I would say there is less strong of a brand loyalty overall to Lamborghini... their owners seem to diversify a little more.

    Maybe there is less of a subculture of its own to associate with (and to cause such strong brand loyalty), given the smaller production numbers and higher prices. And frankly, less racing involvement and product licenscing.

    Don't worry though, cause this is like the little Ferrarichat basement "speakeasy."
  5. It would seem the scenario that Lambo owners have worked their way through the ranks of cars to get to the Lambo. Almost every Lambo owner I know has had F cars, Vipers, P cars and so on. U.S. Lambo owners are muscle car guys at heart, always looking for the fastest ride. The Lambo is the ultimate hotrod, and muscle car. We(Lambo owners) have had the rest, and found the "best", but it took going through alot of cars to get their. If something else more "muscular and Exotic" came along, most of us we be in line to get one. I already had a deposit on the Chrysler supercar, before it died. Ferrari guys are more brand loyal, F cars to the end, generally speaking. I do see many however, going to Lambo lately, and really enjoying the "ride".
  6. I have always found that people are usually one way or the other, Lambo or Ferrari. My business partner has had 3 ferraris, me 2 Lambos and will never changed. We can both appreciate the "essence" of eachothers cars but just like our own better :p

    Lets have a heated debate on which is best !?!?! heheheh
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  8. I dont believe that is true at all. Lambo owners are "not all Lambo". Much different owners than F car guys. You may be an exception with Lambo loyalty, but it is not prevelant among Lambo owners.
  9. my point exactly, many of the lambo people on this web site love their lambos, but like other cars as well and if something bettercomes along they want that as well....but a lot of the f car guys are not objective at ferraris i have owned are nice cars, but they are not with out faults and some performance, my 355 felt like a dog at certain rpm and gear combos...hondas would pass me until i got the revs and gearing back up...also the engine, before tubi , didnt sound that great to fact as soon as i got it, i put a tubi on it to improve the sound...if i were to say this on the ferrari site, all hell would break loose..hell, i might get kicked off f chat!!! who knows, maybe i will ask tis same question onthe f car area... i just hope you guys back me up.. they have us outnumbered but we have a better weapon- rational thinking!!!!
  10. Don't ask this quesiton in F-car area. It is no fair to the owners.

    Ferrari-chat picks up some sports fans that can tell you who won which race in 1974 and what the lap times are. Sports fans can not be resasoned with...its "ferrari or die".

    Also Ferrari picks up a lot of teens, from highschool and college that join the Ferrari cause as cheerleaders. And since I use to be in highschool and college ( I know what a dumbass I was ) you get a lot of numb-nuts that- "bash anything not ferrari".

    So Ferrari has a lot of
    4.people attracted to the name and rich lifestyle

    Lambo has less groups, but more people that just love cars.
  11. well said..i was just trying to start some trouble on the f car chat to see people get into an tizzy over their f cars
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  13. I like cars in general. My dream would be to have a Ferrari CS parked right next to a Murcialago in my garage.
  14. I like that dream! Sounds good to me. I'd throw a 288 in for good measure.
  15. I agree

    FerrariChat use to be more fun when we had fights every month between Lambo/Ferrari or V8 vs V12

    ..but now with all these sections to keep all the Nuts in their own groups... F-chat is more clean..but its a bit more dull :)

  16. I would say this seems to be fairly accurate.
  17. Lamborghini owners are more or less owners who want the best ride available. Most of us have owned one of everything at one point. We like to see what other cars can do, but will certainly "bow down" to the car that in time or in present will eventually out-gun us.

    Non-Lamborghini owners seem to be more passionate about their brand. Ferrari guys either like the lambo or hate it. Never met anyone inbetween.

    My disgruntling is in the "low end" owners. You get the Camaro, Mustang, and Corvette crowd that thinks that nothing can beat their cars, and when we prove them dead wrong, they start making a million excuses. I also don't like how they see a Lamborghini on the road they ASSume we will want to race them. I've had guys think we are racing and they speed off and flash victory lights. In a 30mph zone. If you want to race, verbally ask, and if approved then go nuts. Don't assume we will melt over seeing another common under $50k car. There's nothing wrong with owning the low end sports cars, but you can't make any comparisons between the two. Let's see them go faster than me at 200mph. Any car can drag race, it's boring.

    The other problem with the low-end crowd is that they tend to make up stories. Quite a few raced someone and won, and then the losing party goes to tell the world that they 'smoked us'. Or better yet -- they do this on a message board and all the other low end owners in the peanut gallery chime in with "Nice Kill!". Right, Kill my ass. Let's see what happens when they show proof of a win, or better yet, an actual race even taking place. They even call us *******s if we don't start gawking at their Corvettes/Camaros/Mustangs. I see a dozen a day, it's a common car. Why would I give everyone who thinks they have a sports car the thumbs up? I have to concentrate on driving too!

    Personally for me, I bought the Diablo for several reasons:

    - You don't see many, ever.
    - It's fast as a bat out of hell
    - Its design and styling are still far advanced
    - Reliability is top notch
    - Fun street car
    - More smiles per mile

    After typing all this a little frustration for the low end crowd has finally been released. :)

    2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0
    Sarasota, FL
  18. I couldnt agree more. That doesnt mean I dislike all Camaro/Mustand/Corvette/Import owners at all, hell Im a "low end" owner, and probably will be for awhile. Its just on the street and many times on message boards, these guys tend to piss me off with their general ignorance (not all people of course, I always give people a chance, but you start noticing a trend after awhile)

    Practically everytime I go out in my Supra, I get revved on by one of the above mentioned cars, it gets old.

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