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lambo or lambo & ferrari?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by f1f355, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. i wanted to get everyone's thoughts. i was thinking about trading my 2004 lambo gallardo and my 2003 360 spider for the new lambo murcie roadster. is this crazy? trading 2 cars for 1? both my cars are 6 speeds, i was going to get the roadster in e-gear. it would be perfect just to get a f-1 430 spider, but who knows when that car is coming and when i could get one. i'm hearing this summer, but i don't see why they would put it out right when the coupe is due.
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  3. Ask A.J;)

    You need to do what makes ya happy:)
  4. Depends on the outcome you want.

    Are your goals pure pleasure? If so, go for it!

    Are you aware of the top problems with the Murci, in that by design you have to take the top off to go over a measly 100mph? If not, read about it! The top isn't super simple to take off and put on either.

    Are you aware of the depreciation potential for the one car being a new model year and the first of its kind? If you dont mind it being worth 65% of what you bought it for less taxes and fees in 2 years, go for it.

    It's the ultimate car, with the ultimate in price.

  5. i would not do it....the murci roadster is really a topless car with a very bad hairpiece.....the 360 spider is a true convertible, at a touch of a button...if you want the murci power and looks , you can get a used coupe of 1/2 the price of a new spider, which is selling for over list..the 360 and g car is a great 1-2 pouch.....
  6. yeah that top does suck on the roadster... but looks with the top off is sick! i had a vt roadster, they should have came up w/ something like that. i will sleep on it. but i know no one will be pulling up next to me with a lime green murci roadster this summer! i'm only gonna keep it till the 430 spider comes out, so i would lose my shirt yet again on a lambo. i dont know why i keep going back to them.
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  8. Ben,

    I LOVE your car. She is a real beauty! The 6.0 Diablo has one of the nicest rear ends of all time!


    I would say good luck on getting an F430 by summer! A couple of years might be a better estimate, unless you have some nice connections (considering the two cars you already have, im sure you do have some connections!).

    WHat are the production numbers for the Murci Roadster? Must be atleast a few thousand. Does anyone know?

    IMO you should stick with your gallardo and 360 (although Im not a huge fan of the gallardo, keeping them both would be better then getting rid of the 360). But, if you do get rid of both, the best idea would be to get a nice 6.0 like Bens!

  9. I had a guy explain to me that the Murcie Roadster top is like a bad combover on a bald guy:D

    Its better to just keep it off in both cases.
  10. i actually had a orange 6.0 it was a great car, traded for 99 vt roadster. why, i don't know. saw it in that movie w/ dmx and steven siegal called exit wounds, so i found one in miami and bought it. should have just kept the 6.0, because my gallardo is orange too. i don't think i can get my hands on a 430 this summer, but i want the spider anyway. maybe i should just buy a enzo and stop playing games lol.
  11. 40 spider won't be out by this summer at all. Maybe the summer after. 360s came out in 99, spiders in '01.

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  13. The Gallardo Spyder should be coming out around the same time as the F430, and I had the choice i'd go with the topless Bull.
  14. I would keep best of both worlds..IMO
  15. How long have you had the cars for? They are both nice machines and the roadster has really yet to prove itself in consumers hands..
  16. The murcielago is a different car than a 360 or gallardo, both those cars are very very nimble... remember that.

  17. Hey Louie, welcome to the board. IMO, keep the two cars - the Gallardo is much more handy in the winter than a roadster, and having the spyder for the summer you'd keep mileage down on both cars. Plus the aforementioned beating on the resale of the G and eventually the Murci.

    BTW, I saw your site - looks good, I like the stuff mentioned on the CD's (I remember downloading Lola's Theme after the very first time I heard it on the radio back in Sept, and I still listen to the LMC vs U2 track a lot), but what the heck is with that mutant bellybutton on that Vicious CD!? :p

  18. Keep the cars. Easy decision.

    If you are aching for scissor doors, there are conversion kits for the Gallardo.
  19. i second that!

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