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Lambo motor in new AUDI A6

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by vanimal, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Not to ruffle anyones feathers (AllanLambo - smile) but in last weeks Autocar (UK magazine) they reviewed the new AUDI A6 and mention that the range topper will have the Gallardo v10. Now I would be well pissed if Ferrari started offering its motors in 4 door saloons like the alfa 166. I know they did it in the past with the Lancia 8.32 but that stopped thankfully. Not sure how I feel about the Maserati situation at the moment (but at least Maserati is not a family grocery fetcher and kiddy carrier/ rep mobile)

    Just my 2p worth.
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  3. I say great! The more engines they build the better the reliability for the entire company.

    I have never understood Hard-core Ferrari guys that will take all kind of mechanical problems and stupid parts prices that come along with ultra low production runs, just to keep the exclsitivity.

    When your ferrari is in the shop for its 15k, 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k and 90k service...

    I might have to stop by the shop for a 90k in a Lambo, that would be nice.
    The Gallardo is a daily driver. Ferrari still hasn't quite cracked the daily driver market.

    I like Lambo more every day. Way more Exotic looks than Ferrari with way fewer exotic games & BS
  4. Ferrari makes the Maser engine. There are Audi parts in the Gallardo. Maser and Audi may start using the same platform and other components. VW and Porsche use the same platform for the Tourag/Cayenne. The old days are gone forever.
  5. 1. Autocar is incorrect, Audi is very sensitive about this right now. So much so that they actually scaled down their own Quattro supercar project from a 360 competitor to a 911 competitor, just to allow the Gallardo to be free from internal competition.

    2. Sharing of parts is a good thing. Even the Audi A4-esque aircon system in the Gallardo is great, because last time I checked it's the only supercar with dual-zone climate control and a nice nice OEM CD changer unit in-dash. Plus the 4.2L V-8 that Audi uses in the S6 is a killer unit, as dependable as the day is long, add two cylinders to it and that's the Gallardo engine, they're built side by side in the same plant.

    Imagine the aftermarket FI systems that will develop for both cars...Can you say 150HP+ for $10k?
  6. Supposedly the Alfa Romeo Breta will have the Maserati/Ferrari v8 ... so it is going to happen. As Jim said the good ole days are gone and now they pick and choose which ever engine they want without thinking about image, etc.

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