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Lambo Hotrodders-The Ultimate

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, May 16, 2004.

  1. What we have here is a 97 SV-R factory racer.This car was originally orange with black stripe,but had an unfortunate meeting with a wall.It has been updated with lights,as the SV-R's came without.The motor has been rebuilt,putting out right at 650 at the wheels.Notice the air jack plug in the rear of the car.For an extra BONUS,it has been fitted with a 200 shot of Direct port nitrous.Still has the roll cage in it.It also took first place in last weekends exotic car show.For an old muscle car guy turned lambo lover,it doesnt get much better than this.
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  3. That has got to be one of the hottest Diablo's I've ever seen.
  4. Gorgeous car.
  5. The Lamborghini emblem on the front bumper looks very unique and striking!!
  6. That just maybe the coolest Diablo I have ever seen, it sounds like its kinda quick too ;)
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  8. This Lambo I saw in Toronto had that too - it had a 30th Anniversary badge, which might make it a 94? 95? I'm not up on Lambo trivia, so I dunno. It did strike me as 'different' though - esp. right next to the hood emblem on the 6.0.

    But this SVR is wild!
  9. The bumper is off a Diablo SE30.
  10. You are correct!!Well,its actually not 100% identical to a 94se,but close enough.Since the car had to be rebuilt,and made streetable,the best of all worlds were used.Almost an SE bumper,6.0 lights,also the side sill rockers are extended 2" out,a little more than on the 94 se.This car is a 97.
  11. Here are some pics of original SV-r's.The white car (formerly orange)looked like these before rebuilding.
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  13. Nitrous? Sacrilege!!!
  14. LOL.Oh,your one of THOSE!!Nitrous is a GAS!!I even put it on my daily driver.
  15. Nice cars. I feel the only non-factory item on a car should be the exhaust.
  16. wow! love the car and the concept of a racing lambo on the street but how is this thing registered? what kind of title does it have?
  17. It isnt as of yet.
  18. Whats wrong with the rear wheel on the 03 car, second picture in the series. It looks like it is turned a little.
  19. Dont know.It does look a little strange.Could be optical illusion,could have hit a wall one too many times!!
  20. My local F-mechanic, Karl Troy has one of these beasts.....his has been refinished in a 'Stars-and-Stripes' motif. He campaigned the car in Brock Yates' annual One Lap of America race last year, but encountered a wall early in the race - crunching part of his left rear quarter panel (improper brake bias adjustment was the culprit). The car now sits dormant and partially disassembled in his shop, awaiting time and money to rebuild the quarter panel. I hear he's entertaining offers for the vehicle, which runs and drives well despite the minor bodywork damage......
  21. I can understand the use of non-original bodywork to rebuild a crashed Lambo - the factory is VERY stingy about providing bodywork to facilitate repairs, and some folks are waiting YEARS to get repair parts. We have two Diablos in Charleston that are in dire need of replacement bodywork - one is the ex-Missy Elliot 6.0 Diablo that suffered a front-end collision at the hands of a negligent transporter company. That car has been languishing without a front-end clip for the past two years, and they're still waiting for factory bodywork. The rest of the car was repaired long ago. Lamborghini's attitude seems to be - if you crash it and want it fixed, send it to us in a box and we'll repair it (at our pace and price). Don't like that arrangement? Well, then, you're going to wait until we feel like helping you.
  22. Any idea of his price?
  23. the reason that's the most gorgeous diablo sv ever is because it has 6.0 lights in place of the ugly pop-ups...
  24. They gentleman that owns it is a state senator and when our legis;ature is in session you can see it parked right in front for the capitol building in Austin. It is a bigger draw than the Capitol.
  25. It must be an S.V.,not an S.V.-R.The R cars are not street legal,no vins,no cats,no real bumpers,and no lights,unless it has been rebuilt.

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