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Lambo GTR on ebay

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Matt LaMotte, Jan 28, 2004.

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  2. why did the car need a total repaint?

    i imagine it's street-legal in more than one country on the globe ;) but definitely not here in the states.

    that's quite a bit of scratch for a track car - i imagine a tons-cheaper 360 challenge can give the diablo gtr a run for its money.

  3. looks so nice. Check out the Phantom and Cayenne peeking out behind it :)
  4. haha, Ebay ads always have funny parts.

    "Interior fabric: none" sounds pretty uncomfortable

    "We accept and Visa." hmm... buying a $200,000 car with a Visa credit card sounds like a good idea
  5. Damn....I just bought a new sofa and my card is maxed out! Timing is everything.
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  7. I'm not big on the black rims really.
  8. They had two of these at Lamborghini Beverly Hills a couple of weeks ago. The black/black version of the GTR is unreal. If I was in a different tax bracket (or win the lottery) I think I would have to consider changing my allegiance.

  9. I believe that the two Diablos at LBH were GT's. Beautiful cars. If they drop the price, that would be something that I would go for.

  10. But 360 CH's are a dime a dozen on the track at exotic events-- you'd stand out with the Lamborghini..
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  12. Cool car... the cars in BH are GT's... we will be having 1-2 of these GT's running with us in our Enzo drive next week... look for the pictures after Feb 8th!! :)

    "We drive and drive often"
  13. This is NOT a GTR as being tested for FIA racing. This is a cup car similar to a 360C. It's not US street legal.
  14. My bad. Goes to show how much I know about the Lamborghini line.

    Regardless, still a great looking car.

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