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Lambo Gallardo awarded Most Beautiful Car Award

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Jan 7, 2004.

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  2. Have they gotten around too seeing its backside!?
  3. Looks like they did.
  4. I dont care to much for the back the front and rest of the car is stunning I also like the rims as they remind me of the Audi S4 type wheels. Car is stunning Black on Black with Yellow Calipers.
  5. The rear-end of the Gallardo is made for the "looser" to see (for about 1 second)
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  7. LOL! I guess 360 owners better get used to seeing an ugly a$$!
  8. If the Gallardo received that award, my question is who were its competitors? I was at the press preview at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday, and from the side, the car is beautiful. From the rear, absolutely horrible. From the front, fairly nice. But the appearance of the rear, coupled with odd louvers, makes this a B- design in my eyes. There were plenty of cars at the show that were more stunning.
  9. Im actually getting used to the tail end of the Gallardo, the whole car has really grown on me. Someone posted some "prototype pics" that "show the aftermarket possibility of the car" which cleaned up the tail end of it. The pics of it in the latest car and driver magazine are very nice, too.
    The Car and driver webpage doesnt seem to want to load on the school PCs right now, so these pics will have to do for now.
    those are my two favs form that page, I love that orange color too.
  10. LOL, that's because they ARE Audi rims...
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  12. Lambos are great cars - this one is no exception.
  13. By the way, I also saw the Audo Lemans Quattro yesterday (the car that will be built on the same platform as the Gallardo). Really nice clean lines. Depending on price and performance, this Lemans may be a more palatable Gallardo alternative for those who don't care for the Gallardo exterior.
  14. Theyve already said, that car will not be built.
  15. That's a shame. Nice design, slightly similar to the new Bugatti, but cleaner looking.
  16. I personally was very disappointed at seeing the car in person. Maybe it will grow on me, but for now I think it's very bad. Fast, yes. Will it universally ever be thought of as beautiful? . . . I cannot imagine.
  17. Judging from peoples reactions on my test drive, they seem to agree that the Gallardo is incredible.
  18. Then again John, I'm sure people said plenty of that when the TR debuted in '84!

    I haven't seen one yet, jury's still out for me.
  19. EXACTLY When the TR came out I thought the side treatment was TOO MUCH. Then in 1987 I decided I had to have one!
  20. I am a big Lambo fan, but the Gallardo is a disappointment. Too Bland. I'll take a Murci, thank you.
  21. The Lotus is 10x the car the Gallardo is. How come it didn't win??
  22. Yeah youre right! They should of given it to the NSx.
  23. Does the NSX qualify as an exotic? I think so. If it had a lambo or ferrari badge it certainly would qualify. No one would be surprised by this being included as inventory in an exotic car dealership.

    Are some cars more "exotic" than others, sure. What does this prove? Nothing.

    Lets take it easy on those whom we percieve as having less than we do.

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