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Lambo for long distance cruising??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by dmd3377, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Have any of you ever took you Lambos on a long trip?? Mine in particular I never took it longer than 100 miles or so. I normally just drive around here in town and an occasional freeway blast here and there. But me and the wife are going on vacation and we were thinking about driving to South Beach so we could cruise the strip. However, we are in Columbus, Ohio over a thousand miles away. Whats the longest distance you guys took you car?? Is comfort a factor?? Is there anything I need to do before I hit the road?? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I called Nelson Lamborghini in Marysville and they said there is nothing like the v12 for long distance cruising! Thanks in advance -DMD
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  3. What lambo do you have?I have driven Countaches and Diablos on many long distance trips.Let me know what you have. A.J.
  4. 91 diablo. It's in mint condition 8000 miles.
  5. I discussed the possibility of shipping our Murcie to Monterey for the Bull run next August then driving back to Florida but my wife said we do not have the time for it. I would do it.

  6. It was either Road & Track or Car & Driver who was given the keys to a Diablo a few years ago by someone at Lamborghini of NA to take on a "long trip" because the bigwigs in Italy had heard that Lambo's reputation here in the states was that of an "unreliable" car.

    It was a great article and I no longer have it, but they did somehthing like 3000 miles in a week, an editor and his wife.

    I have a question for you ... why wouldn't you take it?? I mean, it's a vehicle right? Does it start? Does it have tires and brakes?? People take road trips in $400 1982 Olds Cutlasses with no shocks, 3 broken springs, a leaking brake booster, broken power steering pump, and no radio .... and you're worried about taking a trip in a mint Lambo??

    Are you comfortable in the car for a few hours at a time?? If yes, I can't see what the problem is.

    Bill in Brooklyn
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  8. I wouldn't want to do that drive in a new Rolls much less a diablo. I have driven to Miami from DC (closer than you) a few times and it sucks. For the miles you would put on and the chance something could go wrong not to mention strapping luggage to your hood just to drive the strip where lambos are probably more common than anywhere doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I could see taking it somewhere a few hours away but not 1500 miles.
  9. I think you're right Jeff. I have a 91 diablo. I will go ahead and fly down there. Now that you explained it like that it doesn't seem like a good idea at all. Thank you everyone for your input!
  10. Isn't getting there part of the fun?
    I can't believe you'd rather watch the twisties from the sky when you could be ripping through 'em.
    It's just me, but I'd do it, just to say "I drove 2k miles to South Beach and back", and people would go "whoa!" ... lol

    If it were me, I'd check my wearing parts are fine (clutch, brake ...etc etc, I don't think I need to list them all), do a big check up, and go for it ... just for the experience.

    It's just a time issue ... flying sucks, but it's fast ... choosing between a 2 day drive and a 2 hour flight (along with mucho security waiting/control) ... I'd drive!!
  11. If time isnt an issue,then DRIVE THAT BAD BOY!!!Now if you have any plans to sell in the near future,there's a huge difference in perception in a lambo with over 10k miles,as opposed to 8-9k.If that isnt a factor,then the car itself is dependable for sure,and the comfort level is ok on an extended trip.I once drove a 91 diablo to colorado and back to atlanta.But I was by myself,no other passenger.Luggage could be an issue if there are 2 people.
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  13. Do the drive. Long distance trip memories last forever (can you remember your last flight?). You will own the road!
  14. When you are in a car that long you get a sticky dirty felling all over. PLus once you get to SB there will be tons of Lambos, mostly tricked out too, so not many would notice the stock '91. I would not drive a Lambo for more than 500 mile trips, from experience 500 is all I can handle:)
  15. Toughen up
  16. You all bring up valid points. But I'll just keep my lowly stock 91 diablo at home! LOL! Wouldn't wanna get laughed at while I'm down there!

  17. :D I am to much of a pretty boy:D
  18. Yes, that was a great article! As I remember this first thing that happened was the Diablo died in the middle of a downpour in rush hour traffic. He had to call his brother-in-law to come rescue him. He arrived in a Jaguar and couldn't stop laughing that he had saved the day in his reliable Jag. Turned out the Italian battery croaked. The local Lambo rep said the batteries were known to be unreliable and were usually replaced during new car delivery. The car made the trip with no other problems.
  19. I took delivery of my old Jalpa (1985) five days before Christmas of 2001. After fixing the brake light sensor and a few other minor things I drove from NYC to Southern Alabama in two days. The trip was 1,278 door to door and I have to say I was worried, but hey it is a car and I bought it to enjoy it, not to have it sit in a garage. I had absolutely no problems! Filling the gas tank the first time was funny though. I pulled into a gas station in Maryland, filled the tank with the trigger pulled all the way i.e. a fast rate of fuel… talked a few of the people staring and explained NO IT IS NOT A KIT. Paid thinking it did not take much, only about 12 gallons. I then left and watched the gas gauge only rise to the half way mark. By the next stop I figured out that because there are two tanks you have to fill it slowly so it does not trigger the shutoff valve on the nozzle.

    The rest of the journey went smoothly. And I have to say it is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever ridden in…and yes I have been in more than a 82 Pinto.

    ~Drive it like you mean it~

  21. DMD3377: I would do it. Just make sure you have a spare clutch rod and some of the accompanying nuts & bolts with you, just in case... I've had these rods break on me in the 8000-13000 mile range on every Diablo I've owned.
  22. Couldnt agree more.Also,there really arent that many lambo's in s. beach.The last time I went,for 3 days,I saw 2 others.A lambo will never be "pedestrian",anywhere.

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