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Lambo (diablo Muri) Reliability : borring question (?)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mlabiche, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Hi There

    As new commer just ask a very very common question about reliability. I was usuallity told and read on many sources that lambo's are "quiet" reliable (as italian of course) BUT their real real real Leak point is the clutch... As fragile as cristal and for example tending to be burned this only one "gentle" parking deplacement. .... and even the murcie. I have read this from some sources that I have almost take this from granted... but i am still open for opinon of course (what the hell am i doing here otherwise :) )
    On the other hand i was told that a third party suppliers offers much much relable clutch for lambo, but i did not have the opportunity to find it out.

    Any comment about general reliability and clutch problem... ?)

    Thanks a lot & Enjoy the drive

    Glad to be here BTW
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  3. There are no reliability issues with the Murcielago. They should be trouble free. The clutch should last as long as in any other car. You can wear it out faster if you try to dump the clutch in order to spin your wheels. Since the car is all wheel drive the tires will not break loose. This causes uncalled for clutch wear.

    The only other area that people cause excess where is in the viscous coupling. The tires must be replaced in 4's. You cannot replace 1 or even 2 tires. The manual states this clearly. The entire drive line depends on the exact radius of the 4 tires. Air pressure is equally important.

    Another area that causes problems by owners is the charging of the battery that is left to drain from non use of the car. This is a problem with ANY car that people store or use only say monthly. People put on a high capacity charger to quick charge the battery. If the voltage goes above 18 volts. You may fry the electronics.

    Undue wear of the alternator occurs with minimal car use as well. When you have a low battery the alternator will need to charge at a high rate. This causes it to get very hot. If the car sits for long periods of time the oil dries and falls of parts. Starting effort for the starter motor is increased making this part wear faster.

    Stored cars with low milage also corrode resulting in electrical glitches. This is common in exotic cars. The most reliable cars are those used at least weekly.

    This is a minimum of car basics regarding common reliability issues.

  4. Thanks a lot
    Precise, complete and precious answer for the murci. The troubles you point out seems 100% normal, even for a honda... (Juste a have the same battery problem with a renault Clio 1.1 's friend of mine... far from the Lambo, very far)

    But still have the question about the diablo's clutch... but anyway Iprefer the murci and the gallado, may I will have to wait even longer

    Thanks one more time anyway
  5. Ask allanLambo about the Diablo clutch. He runs nitrous through his set up and has apparently never had to replace the clutch due to premature wear. Says a friend has quite a few drag passes on his Diablo clutch and hasn't had to change his either.

    Fact is, regardless of the car a lot of people don't have good technique and think they do.
  6. My car is now 6 years old, still on stock clutch, which i may add is in great shape. No reliability issues either. Has cost less to run than a Civic.
    And yes, I run a 150shot of nitrous.
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  8. I agree. Clutches are ruined by bad driving. AE is also spot on. Exotics must be used.
  9. what kind of 0-60 can you get when spraying must be impressive to see a lambo on nitrious.
  10. I have no idea, its very hard getting traction.

  11. I see it must be pretty fun at highway speeds
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  13. hmm... with 345 (335?)width tires stock on a diablo, thats a pretty damn good problem to have. what is that, about two and a half beercans wide?
  14. It gets loose in 1st and 2nd without nitrous.
  15. being able to hit around 50 mph in first thats pretty damn impressive!
  16. 60 in first.
  17. wow. i can do 60 in first, but uh *cough* i have a four speed. and i cant break 150. hell, for that matter, anything above 130 and the car tries to take off like an airplane with clipped wings. im assuming the diablo stays stable up until you decide to take your foot out of it?
  18. 3 years ago I sold a 1991 Diablo that I took on trade from the original owner. It had 24,000 "hard driving" kilometers showing on the odometer and was regularily tracked at events I attended. In fact I sold this car twice and know it's owners and service history very well. The car was only on it's second clutch, not because the original was badly worn at all, but because at about 20,000 km the owner pulled the motor to modify it, and since it was already out he installed an Al Burtoni clutch instead for greater durability as one of the many modifications he made to the vehicle.

    I believe the sensitivity of the driver is the greatest factor in a lot of wear and tear components on vehicles.
  19. Incredible, i thought Lambo owners never track their cars, only Ferrari owners.
  20. Allan.....

    This guy spun out once.....two complete 360's at about 200kmh......replaced all 4 tires......serviced the car and went back the next weekend for some more. He was also IMHO a very competent driver as well.

    Damn car was real fast.....the only thing faster was a 930 cabriolet with a big motor......the stock F-cars and everything else out there couldn't touch it for the most part....and the was magnificent !!
  21. Thats crazy. I never drive mine that hard. Porsches can be made to be silly fast.
  22. Allan.....

    I have never seen "ANY" Lamborghini used on that manner either, an I was very impressed by the constant hard driving that he seemed to put the car thru without even flinching or the car apparnetly not even hiccupping.

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