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lambo crash pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by robiferretti, Jan 1, 2005.

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  2. At least it looks like it held up pretty well for a 60 mph t-bone. Hope all involved came out OK.
  3. I'm so sorry!

    The title led me to believe it would be another random lambo crash, and I was shocked to see the gotham car all smashed up:(. Any more details on where project gotham will be going from here (new gallardo or purchase the bentley/ cabriolet/ spider early) ?
  4. Is it wierd for the car to crumple like that on the roof?
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  6. If you look at the interrior the cockpit is remarkably intact.

    And Gotham Dream Cars is already picking up a new gallardo in the next week or so, we have 2 to choose from. And The Bentley Continental GT will be available as of friday of this coming week.
  7. Im sorry to hear that
    first and foremost im glad everyone is ok.
    That really sucks and i hope your back and fully operational soon

  8. i m quite curious on this: "Rented".
    imagine the exotic rental company's reaction to this...

    does anyone know the details to the rental policy and insurance policy?

    is this like those one shot rental or a membership based rental program like the P1?
  9. Any idea what the buy back from the insurance company will be?
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  11. my bad.
    i think the original poster listed the rental source
    guess they need to update the site from "now available" to "not available" :(
  12. The rental site looks good. Too bad about the Christmas outing. I wonder if it was the present.
  13. Those people must be drunk!
  14. LOL...I would, but luckily the replacement will be available in a few days/weeks...thank goodness!


  15. Hey Noah! Oh man i am so sorry man, I hope everyones ok thats the main thing. Its only material! Havent talk to you in forever!

  16. what's the deal on the rusted lug bolts?! don't think it's caused by the accident.

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