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Lambo countach

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SupercarGuru, Jul 18, 2004.

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  2. hmm i dont think so, its a really well kept up car, Its here in Boca, one of my friends has the car he wanted mid 70s, it has to be one of the nicest original examples i have seen in a while. Countachs NEVER hold up, the dash stiching moves around, the seats crack really bad, the body cracks, you name it! Overall its just a great car.

    you know how to reach me!

  3. what the heck is that big ol' thing on the dash?
  4. Actually, the front wing doesn't bother me too much, but those U.S. Spec bumpers . . . what a shame it had to come to that. Score another butchering for the DOT.
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  6. 1955 radar detector complete with tubes.

    Looking at the engine bay, I'm not sure this car has been that well taken care of. I like the color though.
  7. It doesnt look like a very well maintained car and that front wing looks terrible, it looks like a 1:2 scale version of the one in the back that was stuck on the hood
  8. The only thing I can think of is the box on the dash is for the "Cell" phone. this might be a nice fix it upper, but not well maintained.

    Only driven about 200 miles in the last few years...that is not good for it!
  9. That car has been beat to a pulp. It was owned by an Air Force officer who treated it like a old beater 5.0 Mustang. It sat in the Imperial Palace Auto Show for a little while then was moved elsewhere. That front wing is HIDEOUS! Same with the front bumper....would almost make me get the Euro spec Countach. I couldn't believe they actually had that car in a museum looking like that...all beat up. The engine bay looks horrible! Its all thanks to the dust and crap we got floatin' around in our Las Vegas air. In five words....the owner was an idiot. He never took care of it. And oh, it says its a one owner car? Then says "no KNOWN mechanical problems", yeah thats a line of BS.
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  11. Two stars on the front bumper indicates a flag officer---2 star General.
    Dash board has horrendous shrinking, driver seat needs cleaning/redying. Odometer in Ebay ad does not match current mileage.

  12. Oops...i must have forgot. Thanks for the correction. I dont think i would ever buy a car off ebay. Nothing seems legit these days.
  13. The odometer is in kilometers. They do match. ;)
  14. A dirty and dusty engine compartment does not nesscaraly mean the car is unmaintained. The car could be in very good mechanical shape but just in need of a good cleaning. Nothing stays clean forever and Countach engine bays being what they are, do tend to collect dirt and other stuff.

    But I will agree the car needs work, but I don't think it's that bad. It would be a good clean up project for sure.
  15. i think its worth it just for the old cell phone manual.

  16. That front spoiler is just nasty ! looks like a cheap add-on, why would you ???!?

    Sorry :p
  17. Anyone here have any idea how that front wing is attached? I'm guessing that a few holes would need to be welded up, prepped and painted over? Is there a source for Euro-spec bumpers? That car needs a good home & I have just the garage space for it :D
  18. now that you've reminded me of this car, I'm curious again as to what that thing on the dash is... Some have said that it's an antique radar detector and others suggested it had something to do with a cell phone - I believe it's a radar jammer.

    I dunno.... it's killing me.
  19. To me it looks as though it is linked to the phone, also it looks like a speaker of some sort, could it be a early hands free kit for the phone?

  20. Overall its just a great car, but all that you listed goes wrong?? Was that sarcasm??
  21. Supposedly sold for 63K

    Oh well...there's a nice yellow one in Dallas that's calling me by name right now :)
  22. You should buy the one in Dallas. It was my car.

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