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Just Tied Up (Deposit) 01 Diablo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, May 5, 2004.

  1. Just tied up with a deposit on a 01 Diablo. I am driving tomorrow for a visual inspection and the wire transfer to complete the deal. Is there a place to call with the VIN to check whether the starter campaign was done? Looking forward to joining the Lambo owners group with a Ferrari foundation!! I'm keeping the 360 as I still very much like the car!!
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  3. Congratulations man!!!!! Post pics of the bull when you get a chance. You have got to be excited!
  4. Congrats - Please post some pics once you get it!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! I've been drooling non-stop over that one on eBay for weeks now (erm, well however long it's been on there anyway). Best wishes with the rest of the purchase and of course don't forget tons and tons of pics :D Oh, and a few vids wouldn't hurt either ;)
  6. Heyheyhey! Congratulations on the new addition. See, I knew you couldn't wait until the year's end. Oh man, you're gonna have a goooood summer now!
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  8. Congrats. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.Just don't brag about it on this board or you will be accused of "Ferrari bashing" HA!
  9. Now, Wayne???? (LOL)

    Good find Dave!
    Post Pics soon?
  10. Congratulations.

    El Diablo 6.0, muy bonita !!!!

    I knew this was on its way ! You have been leaning on the fence for quite some time. LOL
  11. All I can say is Wow she is sweet, and feel free to brag , some times the truth hurts, Congratulations and enjoy her I know you will.
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  13. Thats good news Dave!!You know Im happy for you.My favorite color combo!!!!Outstanding. A.J.
  14. Great pics! I'm digging the wheels & interior!

    PS - You only get accussed of Ferrari bashing if you put a bash in your signature or only post Lambo is better than Ferrari type posts. ;-) Otherwise, we all just enjoy each other's rides.

  15. Hey we need to talk !

    What about if we meet 1/2 way, between Georgia and Texas ?

    The Gold for the Red + cash $$$ !!!!

    I will also throw in a pet Viper (Live) + a prittttty Kitty.
  16. 6.0 .... rosso andromeda ... oh god, delicious...

  17. Ralph,you already stole my car!!Now your taunting me with that red/beige beauty.How many kitty's will you throw in?You know Im VERY fond of them.
  18. Fantastico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. You only need to feed them one or two a year !
  20. Congrats Dave, she's gorgeous. Good Luck with it.
  21. Congrads, enjoy and good luck, its a beauty
  22. Fanastic! I REALLY like those rims, do you happen to know what type they are?

    One thing you might consider is having the VT system removed It's easy to do and removes 400lbs from the vehicle while changing it over to rwd! ;)
  23. Dave,I am going to do you a BIG favor.I will take those aftermarket wheels off of your hand,and trade you a perfectly good set of stock wheels.Really,I will.Then at my expense of course,I will paint the red portion gold.It will look better on a gold car than red,right?I will even pay the shipping.Think about it.Im only doing this because I like you.Really!! A.J.
  24. Then it wont be a 6.0 VT?If you have ever driven an all wheel drive Diablo,you wouldnt go back to rwd.No comparison.JMHO
  25. I'm getting the OEM wheels as I understand it now. I haven't seen them and might be interested in going back to stock. I'll keep you informed as well a post pics of my own.
  26. Beautiful!! Good luck with the car!!
  27. Congrats man, beautiful car. Enjoy.
  28. Very very Cool!

    Well done!

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