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Just saw Transporter 2.. the lambo scene was amazing

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Frozenguy, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. just a beautiful lamborghini murci roadster driven the way it was designed to.. just awesome.. the movie itself was perfect too.. i think it can only apply to certain taste, but it applied to mine as best as possible.. i'm going to definatly go see it again and i recomend everyone go see it atleast for the lambo..

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  3. yeah...that lambo was hot....was. The black paint job was beautiful!

    It's cool that they decided to use the F1 transmission instead of stick imo.
  4. yeah I liked how they showed him shifting the e-gear paddles. The movie was decent, but the car scenes made it all worth it. Sounded good too!
  5. it's non-stop action (granted, a bit too unreal..:D ) from the beginning to end......definitely worth the price of admission.
  6. HEY HEY WOAH WOAH!!! I've yet to see the movie, don't you dare lead me to believe a beautiful car is... ruined. :(
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  8. Why was that so impressive? The whole movie had so many Star Wars generated type scenes I thought it was horrible. Story, characters, some scenes were ok. Im not knocking your tastes, but compare that to the chase seen in Bad Boys II and the Lambo in Transporter II had about 4 seconds of screen time. Toll booth bit was funny, but the fake explosion hitting the sign? The only thing I thought was neat was the downshifting blip they actually bothered to put in the sound, ( all sound effects are done after the fact. )

    First was better... way too much computer generated scenes in #2. If anyone thought that airplane bit at the end was exciting, well ok. For those who have not seen it, I suggest you wait till it comes out on video or HBO. Unless you're a huge Audi fan or you're Friday has rain in the forecast.

  9. it was mostly filmed in my neighborhood much of it within 15 minutes of my apt :)
  10. Yeah I thought when they blew up the car it was pretty fake as well but it was entertaining none the less.
  11. I usually watch these types of movies for character development and nuanced acting.
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  13. This is the same reason I watched Dark Angel. Really.
  14. I'm all for exaggerated plot lines, by this movie really does ask you to suspend reality time after time.

    Great car shots (masterful product placement for Audi). But the movie was average. They could have gotten a LOT better of a heroine too. - :(
  15. I am sorry, but I hated it. Even thought the main reason I went to see it is for the Barchetta, I still expected it to be alright. The action was cool and meant well, I just couldn't see how you could trash an Audi A8 through the whole movie and it doesn't even need a wash by the end of the movie but the Lamborghini does one stunt and it explodes like it was filled with TNT. Don't get me started on the part where he flips the Audi in the air and takes the bomb off the bottom with the hook on the crane, BULL***. Again I am sorry if I messed this up for alot of you, I am just being truthful.
  16. the movie was SOOO BAD. and I usually love movies like this.

    It was just so bad, I couldnt take it.
  17. it wasnt that bad but i just didnt like the fact that there were too many fake scenes and o yea the murci roadster scence amazing
  18. It was no great artistic work but my date and I were laughing hysterically for most of the movie.
  19. I'm glad you and your mom enjoyed it. ha

    That scene where he flipped sideways the A8 and knocked off the bomb.. DUMBEST THING EVER... ha
  20. Sure some of the scenes were totally unreal but anyone who saw the first one knew that was going to be the case. The stunts were fun and the car chases made it well worthwhile. Overall I enjoyed it.
  21. What do you mean? The first one was very realistic. 100 times more realistic than the 2nd.

  22. I gotta agree, the second one was way over the top. Although I think I will now have to buy an A8, I didn't realize that they made an indestructable model that maintains a perfect finish even when driven through a wall. I mean seriously, did Zaino come out with a new super wax for that or what?
  23. The first one definitely had an air of plausibility to it. This movie just threw realism out the window. The particle wood door that absorbs bullets. The crane scene. The plane scene.

    Things that had zero chance of happening in real life. The acting was absolutely *atrocious*. Statham was the only redeeming part of the movie.
  24. Overall i liked the movie, some scene's were quite stupid such as some of you have mentioned. the Scene where the bomb gets taken off in mid air. Otherwise i liked the movie, the Audi W12 A8 was a perfect choice and so was the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster.
  25. Yeah I agree...good Lambo scene except the sound(s).
  26. Oh, and lets not forget the rastafarian with the yellow Porsche! LOL!
  27. LOL i found it halerious how he toko the 996TT and made it a Taxi
  28. Did anyone notice that in the scene where they were in the underground garage that the Porsche was a TT and by the end it was a Carrera Cabriolet. Hey it was still yellow so they didn't mess that up.

    What did I do, now all of you are going to go watch this movie again just to see if I am right, well I guess you will get to see the Barchetta get its paddles fingered.

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