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Just got the Countach back,pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Well,I know Im asking for trouble here,but here are some pics of my 88.5 countach.Had a major service done,and while the motor was out,had some "yellow" touches added.Also ceramic coated entire exhaust,including muffler.Powdercoated the wheels black,with a yellow rim.Not sure about that yet.The decals are for a specific event,and are not staying.
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  3. A couple more.
  4. I think it looks good.
  5. Wow...she looks very clean! I really like it.
  6. Looks great, however I'm not sure on the rims.
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  8. 6.0se, why are you such a wallflower? ;-) That beast is discreet like a hydrogen bomb.

    Wonderful condition too. But like Dave, I might go with regular rims. Or, at least all black.
  9. LOL.I agree on the wheels.My first thought was all black,but then I had this thought.Easy to change though.More opinions on the wheels please.
  10. Black rims would work for me.
  11. Why did you paint the motor?

    I just can never paint Aluminium, it is too beautiful IMO.

    Anyway all you have done is make her heavier (slightly) and reduced her ability to shed heat ...

    Anyway your car, and what you have done typifies Lambo owners ;)

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  13. Beautiful car! I like it!
  14. Fits perfectly the Countach!!! Black rims usually aren't my cup of tea, but I must say the "in your face" looks of these match your Countach 100%. Really super agressive. Me likes!! :) The decals do match too.
  15. Sorry to sound like Simon Cowell here, but I'd change the rims also. They make the tires look like whitewalls, which triggers visions in my head of the parents' Ford Maverick POS. Deduct half a point, so I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10.
  16. Ye, solid black rims would look good.

    P.S. The exhaust shot is awesome!! beautiful car.
  17. Ah,it was only a matter of time.Nice job.Are you familiar with ceramic coating and the elimination of the factory insulation that comes on the exhaust on these cars?I guess not.So,the extra weight is the paint on the wheels and motor?lol.The car is considerably cooler during operation in the engine bay,hence the ELIMINATION of the factory insulation.To answer your question,I painted it because I like it,and I reduced weight and heat.Anything else?Oh,thank you for your comments,very constuctive.You should research before you ....speak.
  18. I thought that also.Well,not a maverick,but something else.Thats why I added the decals on the yellow,which is hard to pick up in the pic.I appreciate the comments.
  19. I wasn't talking about the exhaust, mate, but the engine. I am familiar with ceramic coatings, and did not knock that at all, good move.

    Now if you had not painted the wheels and the engine you would have saved MORE weight now wouldn't you! ;), as the weight saving was in the removal of the factory insulation. You cannot ADD something on and remove weight.

    Anyway try reading before you get so excited, and surely you have wide enough shoulders to handle the fact that not everybody in the world is going to like your style.

    I actually like the black wheels, but the yellow motor was too much for me ... truck and tractor motors are painted, not supercars :D

    ps: BTW ceramic coatings work for exhaust and improve HP because they actually keep the heat in the exhaust gas and enable the exhaust pipe to stay cooler. This keeps the exhaust gas speed up as cooling expands and slows the gas.

    Now if you ceramic coated the engine (which I am sure you didn't ;)) you will actually make it run HOTTER, as the heat will not be able to escape and transfer to the engine bay air, etc. Thus the heat would be trapped inside the engine and put more load on you cooling system. I think painting the aluminium will have a similar, but not as dramatic effect, as you have added another layer that the heat has to pass through.

    If you had painted the engine black then I believe (but not sure) you would have improved the transfer of heat. I believe that is why many motorbikes have black painted engines ... but then thermodynamics was not my strongest subject when I studied engineering.

    Nice car though, and the cleanest Countach I have seen for a long time.
  20. Car is a great countach - except for the rims..
  21. If I remember your originl post,you said what I did to my car typifies what lambo owners do to their cars.Well,if that wasnt inflammatory,in the context you were presenting it,I dont know what is.And you did not talk about WHERE I added weight,you just said I added weight.I didnt.I measured carefully the EXTRA paint weight against the reduction of total weight achieved through removal of factory insulators.If you didnt like the engine painted,thats ok,just say that.Dont use the weight issue crap,that dog doesnt hunt here.Now your saying thats not what you meant.Im supposed to read your mind.Anyway,thanks for the positives,I do appreciate it.
  22. A.J.

    Thanks for the pics.

    Please find a nice pretty girl. Ask her to wear tight white shorts with yellow
    panties. Now ask her to pick up the tools laying on the floor by the exhaust.
    Tell her you have a nice digital camera. Chelle please skip over this post.

  23. Thanks Ralph,I needed that!!Hows the hunt coming by the way?Closer?
  24. Everything I said was about the motor ;).

    I'm in the school where if it does not make the car faster then I don't do it ... and I am pleased to see that you have ended up with less weight overall!

    Anyway I would not try and read my mind, too much cr@p in there!


  25. Thanks A.J. Don't turn red.

    Hot idea for a pic ? LOL

    I should know something very soon this week.

    I took care of my end of the bargain. The C/T has landed in Big D.
  26. The engine paint isn't my cup of tea but it's yours and that's all that matters.
    As for the wheels IMHO one should never powder paint wheels. The temp. required causes embrittlement and can mask cracks which you want to know about if they occur. If this is a show car it's not really a problem but if you plan on driving it hard it may be. I'd check with OZ. They would know if powder coatings would weaken the alloy in this particular wheel. It may only be a problem with older mag wheels.
  27. I think the car looks great! And this guy sounds like an uptight as$hole.
  28. Wow! A Barbieghini!

    Did you have to paint the lugs yellow?

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