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Just fantastic lime Murcielago & orange Gallardo pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SupercarFreak, Aug 30, 2004.

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  2. Page one of the photos has a hot chick by the cars. Mmm. No offense if it's your girl. :)
  3. it isn't, but if it was i'd just say thanks :)
  4. Great photos.

    That looks like one of my favorite homes in Michigan.... is this on Long Lake Road in Bloomfield, MI ? Guy that started CompUserve ?

    Remember the good old days... when a rich house needed a few ferrari's in the driveway? :)
  5. Hot is an understatement. Nice cars too.
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  7. could be, the trip was around detroit
  8. Thats Dustin and Dado at AMGirls house in Detroit.

    GREAT CARS !!!
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  10. Didnt realize she was that hot.....Dustin told me but WOW.
    Anyway.......great collection.
  11. Wow, the colour combo on that Gallardo is smokin'! I would have never though orange inserts on blue leather on an orange car would work, but this car has proven me wrong. Best combo I've seen yet, anywhere.


    Combine that with my favourite colour on a Murcielago, and that garage is the stuff of dreams.
  12. SupercarFreak,

    Thanks for the pictures, they look great. I was trying to find the DTMpower site on the net, but no success. Do they have a homepage? Do they have a Detroit chapter or section? Any info is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  13. Great pics! Great cars and great homes among other great things.
  14. I'm sure that the hot chick is AMGgirl5, shes a member here if i am not mistaken ?

    And yes she is very pretty :D

    Oh yah, nice cars by the way ;)
  15. I am pretty sure it is AMGgirl5, I saw the green Murci at Cauley and recognize her and the Dr.

    Very Beautiful house and cars also.
  16. which is dado and which is dustin?

    burnout - i agree, stunning color combo
    i like these 2 as well: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6290&item=2488030709&rd=1

    BrentC - their site is www.dtmpower.net - but only the forums are up right now, these pics were linked on another site like " http://www.dtmpower.net/detroitweekend/DSC_7843.jpg " so i typed in "http://www.dtmpower.net/detroitweekend/" and got the raw file directory, and at the bottom is the actual gallery webpage - viola
  17. Hey!! Glad everyone likes the cars. We get mixed comments about the colors. Isn't the orange/blue interior on the Gallardo HOT!!
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    Attached a picture with some crude nametags. I met Dustin at a rally around here that Antony organized. Really nice guy!

    Whos cars are those??? Those are AMGirls Gallardo and Murci right...?? Who owns the sweet black SL55 and Bentley that ppl were doing donuts in...lol
    Nice pictures!
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  19. AMGgirl,

    Where in Michigan are you guys located? Detroit area I assume? I'm located up in Grand Blanc, and we are always trying to get car events going in the Southeast MI are. Let me know if you are interested and I'll keep you posted.
  20. The SL55 is mine. We are in the Bloomfield Hills area.
  21. AMG Girl
    On your profile you say Bentley sucks? Why is that?
  22. Those pictures are awesome, it looks like a good time. The orange/blue interior is hot, but it might get a little old to me after awhile.
  23. No not compuserv thats Dr.Michael Gray he is a plastic surgeon.. Those pictures where taystfull.
  24. the reason we hate bentley is because we have had two cars with nothing but problems and their service dept. is terrible. they DO NOT know how to take care of their customers. You expect a certain level of service when you pay $260K for a car!!!
  25. Nice pictures, but why drive with the doors open? I guess a green Murcielago driving next to an orange Gallardo doesn't already get enough attention, or the AC must be broken.

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