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Just bought metallic black 1:12 Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SupercarFreak, Aug 9, 2004.

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  2. Very nice, how much?
  3. Dang, I could buy about 6 1:18 auto art lambos for that price
  4. Who makes this?
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  6. AutoArt, if you're not familiar with them they are one of the best.
  7. Damn that is nice, Looks almost real.
  8. What are the dimensions of a 1/12?
  9. Very nice model, not worth $360 unless it has real leather and carpet. Still would be hard to pay that much for a model.

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  11. well, using lambocars.com's stats for the murcielago and dividing by 12 i get:

    length 15 inches
    width 6.7 inches
    height 3.7 inches
    ground clearance 0.46 inches :D
  12. its actually one of my cheapest 1:12s

    my collection:

    F50 - $305
    McLaren F1 - $415
    C5-R - $600
  13. Cool. Thanks. Im bad at math . With that ground clearance, it looks like I would scratch the front facia going over my carpet border, when Im rolling it around the house!!
  14. well it's made out of over 350 separate parts and the regular price is $500 so i think i got a good deal.
  15. Great looking model. I did not know they were making one. Shows how up to date I am.
  16. Hey, that is very nice, SupercarFreak. I just bought one off ebay for $306 and drove about 80 miles or so to pick it up. Really nice, much nicer in person! One problem: how in the hell do you open these freakin' doors? Was I born yesterday because no matter how I push the little button the thing won't budge? Anyways, I have a huge collection of different brand diecast cars and this is by far the best one. Cheers.
  17. Hey, can't access the links to more pics. Very nice though. Can you post some shots of the interior? Curious to see how detailed it is!
  18. indeed, the doors are a *****. what I try to do is press down on the button with one hand and push up on the very bottom ledge of the door to pry it open, you think they could have thought of a better system, lol.

    amazing model nonetheless. definitely one of my favorites.
  19. here you go my friend :)
  20. Wow. That's amazing. Simply amazing. It looks exactly like the real thing.
    Where can I buy one of these?
  21. Very Nice model!.....next time you are at the store you should bring it with you and compare it to the real thing....and give me a chance to see it ;-)


  22. great, i will bring it :)

    cya soon Steve

  23. i'm a moron. sorry. i forgot it was a 1:12, you got a really good deal!!
  24. Alex,

    Pm or email me to let me know when you are coming...so I can make sure and be there. With my schedule I am all over the place


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