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  1. There's a "needs work" example on ebay right now that has revived a bit of interest in these cars. Maybe not that example, but I think I'm in the minority by actually liking the design of them. Are spares even available for these things or is everything made out of unobtainium? Run away or do more homework?

    Yes, I like Italian 2+2's. Can you tell?
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  3. Might be more satisfying to hold out for Jarama S.
    Same for Islero S.

    Both models walked all over original configurations.
  4. The mechanical parts on the early Lamborghinis are very similar. There are
    mechanical parts available. The problem is the price for junk, and the best
    might not be that far apart. Any running Lamborghini will bring at least 15K.

    For a 15K (less expensive L car) you will have the following.

    Trashed interior. - No working A.C. broken gauges etc.....
    Engine needing overhaul
    Perhaps rust in some areas ?
    Worn paint.
    Multiple mechanical issues.
    No maintainance receipts.
    How many owners ?
    The car sat briefly for how many years ?
    This and that item is not how the factory built the car.

    Now for the same (less expensive L car) at 30/35K, you will have the following. - reverse all the negative items above.

    You can pick up cherry Jarama's, Espada's, etc for in the 30/35K area. You can even find them less on occassions. The pile of junk will cost "far" more than 35K to restore correctly. This problem also applies to other exotic Italian cars. - 412,

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