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Jalpa owners?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ricambi America, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Do we have any current or previous Jalpa owners on Fchat? The crowd at **************** is pretty scarce, and I've got a few questions I'd like to take "offline" through a PM.

    Drop me a PM if you've got a moment to spare.

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  3. daniel.....

    i sense we are building forward momentum......go, man...go....
  4. Daniel,

    I am a current owner. I think there 7 or so Jalpa owners over on L talk now.

    I will send you a PM though. do you need something specific?

    1988 Jalpa #411
  5. I believe that Rocky Balboa was a Jalpa owner........
  6. In a scene from Rocky IV, Stallone washed the Black Jalpa, and was talking with his son. In the background of that scene, there is a second Lamborghini. At first I thought it was a Countach, but after seeing the movie again, it may be a Silhouette?? Can anyone ID that car?
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  8. Greetings,
    Can someone tell me how tall the jalpa is at its highes point. I havent seen one in person and am wondering if it has that "flat wide" exotic look to it or is it around the same height as a 308? Thanks in advance..

  9. Hi Jason.

    A Jalpa is 3 ft 8 1/4 inches high, 6 ft 2 inches wide
    A 328 is 3 ft 8 inches high, 5 ft 7 3/4 inch wide

    The April 2004 issue of Classic and Sports Car has a comparison of the two
  10. I just looked at five or six Jalpa articles, and they show the height as either 43.9" or 44.9".
  11. Hi guys -
    I've got an '86 Jalpa -
    black ext. -
    tan int. -

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  13. Jalpa...ohh..Rocky IV.." There's no Easy way out"

    Great stuff ! :)
  14. Travis,

    I am traveling back and forth from Dallas Fort worth to Pensacola Florida on a weekly basis for at least the next four months (I have crews helping with the Hurricane clean up and reconstruction in that area )

    Would it be possible for me to drive up to enterprise sometime to look at your Jalpa? I won’t take a lot of your time. I am just wanting to see one in person.

    Thanks, I can be contacted at Jason@jasonmiller.com

    Tillman, thanks for the specs…

  15. sure -
    pm'd you -
    glad to have ya come up here'bouts -

  16. Maybe a little OT: what's the correct pronunciation of "Jalpa"?
  17. almost Southern - ya'll with a hint of an "h"
    "Hey ya'll- paw is in the lower 40 just'a pickin'an'a'grinin'"

    some actually go on & say the incorrect hard "J" as it is a car's name -
    different strokes-ya'know - ????????????

  18. Car magazine, June 1983: "they pronounce it 'Halpa' at the factory"

    R&T Exotic Cars: "Jalpa, according to the US importer, is a region in Spain where fine fighting bulls are bred for the ring. And while the correct pronunciation is more like 'Halpa', everyone at Lamborghini pronounces the 'J'. "

    Car & Driver, June 1986: ...the Jalpa (pronounced YAHL-pa)....

    Classic & Sportcar, April 2004: ....pronounced Halpa....

    Sports Car Illustrated, March 1987: "The Jalpa, pronounced either Hahl-pa or Yahl-pa depending on who you ask....."

    Whichever way you say it, it will be wrong to someone.
  19. Interesting that there's no clear answer!

    There was a similar question about the Countach a while back. Several suggestions were offered -- tosh/tock/totch. But I recently heard Valentino Balboni pronounce it "koon-totch" in the Rides program so that settled it for me -- he should know!
  20. Travis,

    leave to you to find a web based voice over of the Jalpa. Now if they only had it for southern speak!

  21. Its spelled J-A-L-P-A, but its pronounced "throat-wobbler mangrove"

    Sorry . . . obscure reference.
  22. "throat-wobbler mangrove"
    VERY obscure ??????????????????

  23. I get it, Mr. Luxury Yacht!

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