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Jalpa exhaust Question

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by rovingtravler, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am up to the next step, which is a new exhaust for the Car. I am looking at Stebro because it is not a $4000 system and I think Bill's car has one and I loved the sound when I had it.

    However, they have two systems in stock here are the pictures of the first one. They are going to send pictures of the other one today. I will post tomorrow as it is 1 AM here and I have to be up in 4 hours!

    Which one do you guys like better, and does anyone have any experience with them.

    Plus they are having a sale this week 33% off list price.
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  3. Pics of the second system. Mostly the same. I thought they had a square system... quess not.
  4. Chelle is onto something there. I'm very high on Quicksilver after having them make up a custom stainless exhaust for my Mangusta. They did a fantastic job. You can see what they made for me here:
  5. I like the bottom photo. The key is that it is a true dual exhaust (as the original) with approximately equal tubing length before the silencer. you will find the resonated tips make a noticible difference.
    The Jalpa is supposed to be the sweetest sounding V-8s ever (much better than the Ferrari V-8), so would love to hear a clip if you can when you finish.
    Good luck
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  7. Chelle

    That exhaust looks GREAT. Every time I have written to Quicksilver they have not responsed so I gave up on them. Do you mind me asking how much the system was?

    The Mangusta one look really good too.

    I checked with Larni and they wanted almost $4,000 for their system about $2100 for the pipes and 2100 for the headers, which is more than I wanted to spend on the car.

    Thanks for the info

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