Its official... I have Joined the Dark Side | LamborghiniChat

Its official... I have Joined the Dark Side

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ciao baby, Jan 11, 2005.

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  2. In the immortal words of Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott: "Dude... Sweet!"

    That's a great looking car, probably one of a few lambos I could see myself driving. Enjoy!

  3. Nice, one of my favorite Lambos. I hope I see it around Bethesda sometime! Not to many Lambos (or any exotics) around here.

  4. Would that be the one from Ebay?

    Beautiful car and color:D
  5. yes and thanks.
    I came soo close to some of the 2002-3 murcies and a local Challange Stradale.
    Something told me to wait on the murci (700hp comming)
    Still hoping to get Murci roadster somewhere in the future.
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  7. Having just acquired a 6.0 last week, let me be one of the newest members to welcome you to that august club. You will enjoy it!
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  9. mikey.....i m proud of ya, bro....
    chris is contemplating a gallardo as well....
    man, it's gonna be a sight to see next time im in DC.
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    Oh, I couldn't resist... might as well get the teasing over with!! :D :D
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  12. almost bought a purple one 2 years the color...contgrates...lets do a drive when the weather gets good
  13. she's beautiful!
    6.0's are the best diablos ever
  14. very nice. My wife likes it.The person I will be parking her in (Peter)
    is considering one as well. Tom you got to come down soon
  15. Really know that I do like the purple a lot. It looks wild.

    Now, on the other hand, I don't understand at all why women find that androgenous guy so appealing...
  16. so I shouldnt
    starve my self of about 150lbs
    grow some stubble?
    get a perm ??
    where purple womes clothing?
    then why did I get a Lambo?

    I can play guitar and have a Purple parker fly (matches the car)
  17. Congrats.

    Good choice.
  18. 6.0 looks wild :) Love the pic of the kid emerging from the trunk of the 911 ... cool :)
  19. beautiful car Michael... I believe its called Viola Ophelia, and the interior is Snow Corn, according to the lambo registry.

  20. dude....w/ a car like that, you'd be good enough to have your own symbol for name just like prince...see you guys in march when i m back from asia......
  21. Congrats! I'm sure you're aware that that was Missy Elliot's car as well (assuming you bought it from the folks selling it on eBay). Great car you bought.

    What was the price if we may inquire? I like to keep a 6.0 sales record to keep a log on market values.

  22. Wow...very sharp. Doody's gonna be REAL jealous!

  23. Congratulation!!!
    What a wonderful beauty:)

    Enjoy your drive.

    I`m still working on my first Lambo - try to get a flying yellow Diablo SV.

  24. Michael,

    The car is stunning, way nicer in my opinion than the stradale and murcies.

    Enjoy it mate!!

  25. Way Cool !

    That makes 4 people who swtiched over in the past 3 weeks.... :)
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  27. Ouch the Purple Darth Vader Scares me.
    I always though a black countach reminds me more of darth vader than diablo.
    thats just me. Could be worse since I have a 2 and 4 year old it could be the Barney bull?

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