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It's news to me...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by AMGgirl5, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. So I was telling my Lambo service guy about a problem with my Gallardo. After explaining the problem, he told me that I have to turn the car on and let the fans kick on BEFORE moving the car. The same thing goes for the Murcielago. WHAT? I have been driving the Murci for 2 years and the Gallardo for almost one and I never knew about this fan nonsense...Anyone out there hear of this?
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  3. That is news to me. sounds like a load of monkey crap.
  4. I have heard of letting the fuel pump run for a moment, but never the fans...sounds fishy...
  5. Fans? What is the related problem?
  6. Hey AMGgirl,

    I think they are handing you a load of BS. The fans shouldn't kick on until the car reaches a high temp, and to let the car sit & idle for that long could take several minutes (depending on the outside air temp).

    By the way, check your PM's!
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  8. Yeah I thought it sounded wierd...The guy is from the service dept. at Lamborghini Chicago. He said "Even if you run into a store for a minute, when you come back to your car you have to turn it on and let the fans kick on before you put it in gear and go." He said if you don't do this it could screw up the throttle bodies or some BS...I know I'm a girl but c'mon! Why is this guy telling me this if it isn't true? I am going to call the dealership back and get a 2nd opinion...
  9. You can always bring the car up here to Lamborghini Toronto, it may also be a bit closer than Chicago for you. And your warranty is obviously still valid.

    PM me and i'll give you my e-mail address. BMWRacer and Clax can vouch for us.
  10. maybe it's his first day on the job :)
  11. haha.. if you dont let your fans kick on for a while you can ruin your throttle bodies?? omg.. i hate it when people give out a load of bs.. sorry he is being such an a**.. call the dealership and inform them and try to go somewhere else maybe??
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  13. OK, here is the correct information, and Joe, yes we do have a new service manager who is still learning a few things. There is no relation to the fans going on and a varying RPM sweep at idle. Anyway, with 2005 Gallardos and 2005 Murcis, there is no extended warm-up period the car has to go throuogh before it is driven. However, it is common sense to allow the fluids to go through the engine a little bit before really getting on it, and that goes for any car. If you have an earlier Gallardo or Murci, it is recommended that you let the car idle for about a minute and a half before driving around. This will ensure that the throttle systems stay in sync and a "check engine" light doesn't come on because of a fault relating to the warm-up procedure.
  14. Ok. Here's the way fans work on a modern car. I've got a 91 MR2 Turbo. I've got two sets of fans. First set is for the Radiator-A/C up front. That consists of two fans. Both of those will turn on to a low speed when a water temperature sensor in the Radiator measures the coolant temp to be above 185deg after it's passed threw the radiator. When the coolant temp goes above 195deg the fans work at high speed This ensures that there will be cool coolant going back to the engine if you're sitting in traffic with no air being pushed threw your radiator by the motion of your car. Very simple and I'm sure you already know this. One of the fans will turn on if the A/C is turned on.

    The second set is really just one fan and that's in the engine bay. That's attached to my intercooler (which you don't have- but stay with me) and is controlled by an air temp sensor in the engine bay. If the air temp in the engine bay (it's a mid engine car like yours but without as many grates/louvers) reaches 144.5deg it switches the fan on. That fan pulls in fresh air over/through the intercooler into the engine bay to help cool things down.

    I'm assuming from the small amount of info you've given us that you have some kind of fan system in your engine bay and this is what he's talking about. That would be the only thing that could affect throttle bodies and intakes... But, you don't need to wait to start the car up or be "in danger of screwing up the throttle bodies". Trust me these cars (as are all modern cars) are designed to be get in and go.

    Which brings me back to my first question. What's going on with your car???

    Are you having problems with initial start up after it's been running? Also do you have the louvered engine cover or the clear plexi-glass one? I'm wondering if the clear one doesn't allow as much venting as the standard one.
  15. Mmm - this isn't what the 2004 Gallardo's owners manual says. Allowing the car to sit for a minute will just allow the car's engine to warm a little. The "fluids" will go through the engine the instant it fires.

    The only warm up procedure the factory recommends is to drive away as soon as you have started the engine, but to do so gently to avoid excessively loading a cold engine and drivetrain.
  16. So I called MichaelFVM and he set it straight. :)
  17. The fans on my Murcie stayed on once and kept running after the car was turned off killing my battery once. No problems yet with the Gallardo.
  18. You might want to think about using a service department that knows what it's talking about. :)
  19. Michael is correct. The owners manual doesn't say wait a minute and a half before starting off because it is illegal to so advise even thought it's better for any car to so do.
    Engines pollute much more when they're cold. An idling engine pollutes but does not move the car therefore the idling pollution would have to be added to the driving pollution and the total would not meet startup pollution requirements. They cannot tell you to idle for a moment because by so doing your not meeting standards. It's the same reason that Corvette's had the gear skipping lockout under gentle acceleration to meet standards.
  20. I find the "don't warm up do to pollution concerns" hilarious. Most cars spend their uselss 350 HP life sitting in traffic polluting the hell out of the environment. It sounds like a politically correct statement made by who really gives a damn car companies.

    Lamborghinis aside....since they are toys, why the heck anybody needs all the power being put in the current crop of day to day transportation is beyond me. It sells, but in reality is totally useless, and that's what car companies REALLY THINK, and F*k the environment.

    Sorry to bend this thread in this direction, but I just felt like going off. :)
  21. uh.. with any car you should let it warm up.. how about you sleep outside, then get up and start running immediatly right after.. come on its common sense.. let it idle a little bit.. then drive it very gently until the temp raises up. cylinders expand as they get hot.. so they expand every time you turn on your car..(if its been sitting for a while).. you dont want them to expand too fast, it can cause damage and lower the life of your motor. yeah fluids start moving immediatly but it takes a little bit for them to reach operating temp. diff oil, tranny oil, motor oil, coolent all have operating temps.. and the thing about polluting the enviornment is true.. cars need to be taken care of and treated right..if they are, you can drive them as hard as they were designed to be driven without worry.
  22. perhaps you are low on blinker fluid or the fratostat is bad......
  23. With the Gallardo, there is no reason to sit and wait. it is ready to go when you start it. I would agree with Michael as most would and say that it is probably not the best idea to start a cold car, roll out of the parking lot, and then proceed to take it to 8500 rpm. That being said, the Murcielago is different. The factory calls for a 265 second "learn" cycle where the 4 throttle bodies and the computer recalculate the stochiometry of the fuel injection based on atmospheric conditions. That is why the Murcielago is a 50 state emission worthy car as it sits without modification for California, Maryland, etc... You do not have to let the car idle for 265 seconds but they say that you should not exceed 3500 rpm for that period or the car cannot complete its learn cycle. Michael is also right in that if you do exceed that rpm for that period of time, you can trigger a check engine light. It might not store as a hard code, meaning that when you turn the car off and restart it will go away but it also might store and then you will have to visit the service department to get it turned off.
    As for the service guy, take it easy. He is just trying to be safe and careful and make sure no one screws their car up with bad advice. What he said would not hurt anything. And if he came from Ferrari, he might be giving the same advice that they give on the 360 as it is my understanding that if you do not let the oil get sufficiently warm before you hit it hard you can suck the seal off of some area by the oil pump and shoot it into the engine.

  24. The problem with the Gallardo was that when the car was started up and at idle, the engine was revving up and down to about 1500 rpms. The car was just sitting, in neutral. I asked the service guy why it would do that. His response was what I posted earlier. Anyone with common sense knows not to take a cold car out of the garage and drive the hell out of it before it warms up. That wasn't the issue. I was told to let the fans turn on before drving the car AT ALL. Not before going out and driving like a madwoman. That was what I didn't understand.
  25. It's hard to believe that your problem has anything to do with the fans or warm-up techniques. There are people here with alot more mechanical knowledge, but it sounds like something to do with the engine management program; i believe these cars are programmed to make the car idle a little higher when cold starting; the fact that it's rev'ing up and down suggests that something software may be amiss, or a sensor which is telling the engine management system something about heat, air or fuel may be haywire. (I'm not ruling out the possibility of an actual mechanical issue, but what you described sounds suspiciously like a program/sensor glitch).
    I can't believe that an authorized Lambo mechanic can't sort that out quickly.... (I don't know if you've dealt with Wil DeGroot in NJ, but you might call him- he knows the older Lambos inside out).
  26. Hey Audrey,
    We have had that happen before. I think it was something to do with a faulty throttle body. I am not positive. I will ask my guy tomorrow when I see him at the Atlanta Gran Prix and I will respond on here tomorrow. If you need to call me to get in touch with my tech my number is 404-643-6603. Did you get rid of the Murcielago yet?

  27. Thanks Chris. We still have the Murci. We will get this figured out when the car goes in for an oil change next month. (hopefully) :)
  28. I've seen the rough idle with the gallardo as well, but it is nothing to worry about. I just let the car sit for a min and warm up the idle smooths out. If you let the car sit for 10 min or so the fans kick on, which may be why he said "let the fans come on", at that point he knows the car is at full operating temperature. Still a BS answer from a tech though.

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