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Islero and Jarama S

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Simon, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. What are the engines like on these two cars as far as reliability and staying on tune goes?

    A friend of mine has a Miura which is constantly needing tweeks to keep it on tune. Admittedly he doesn't drive it very much which probabaly makes the problem worse. The engine in the Islero and Jarama S is essentially the same as the P400 Miura, if I'm not mistaken, so I was wondering if these two would be similarly temperamental.

    The reason I ask is, there are examples of both of these cars close by for sale. The Islero is such an elegant car, I've always admired the lines and could easily see myself in one. The Jarama S on the other hand, although not a beauty is a lot of car for the money. What do you guys reckon?

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  3. Well, Simon, the big difference between the Miura and the early front engine cars is that the Miura had four triple choke downdraft Webers where the front engine cars had six twin choke side drafts. Each has its own foibles, but I have an Espada, and I would say that my car (knock firmly on wood) always starts easily, warms up smoothly and pulls like a train. The biggest problems arise when the cars are not driven and things dry out. That's when you run into the fuel leaks, carb fires and all that bad stuff. It's a truly magnificent engine, in my estimation, and is really very robust. When I check the oil at the gas station it always draws a crowd just to marvel at all that hardware. If you're serious about an Islero (which, incidently, was Ferrucio's favorite) you should check out Lou Herrin's web site. Lou has had his car a long time and does his own work.

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  4. I recently sold a Jarama which I had owned for over 10 years. Other than the occasional and intermittent ignition problem, the car ran like a freight train with very little repair but plenty of maintenance. My most vivid memory is that great hulking engine just rocketing the car forward with the best automotive sounds ever. It also handled surprisingly well with great turn in and very little body roll. The build quality of the body and interior was pretty crappy but the mechanics of the car were just amazing. I think the Lambo V12 is better than the Ferrari V12 of any given vintage. I have no hands-on experience with either the Islero or Jarama S but I can pass on what I have discussed with others that do. If you are looking for an Islero, try to hold out for an Islero S. Changes made to the suspension and engine for the S models make the driving experience much more pleasureable. Also, the interiors and body build quality were improved a great deal. The opposite was true of the Jarama with the non-S models providing a much more sporty feel. I really think the front engined Lambos are incredibly underappreciated and are still a relatively good buy -- at least in terms of driving fun for the buck.
    Get one and drive the crap out of it.
  5. Thanks for your input guys and the website was very interesting Daryl, thanks. Unfotunately I'm not going to be able to see these cars until after xmas. But I'll keep you informed.
  6. I have also looked for a Jarama S. I also agree with what the others have said. The engine is terrific. It is a durable engine. I understand that parts are usually not a problem. - For the engine that is. That is because L has put that particular engine in quite a few platforms.

    Other than that. Find the very best car you can. A cheap car that needs work, will be a money pit. - That goes for all the exotic 2 + 2's. It does not matter which brand. The problem with quite a few 2 +2's, is when the expensive maintainance bills come up. They often are put off, due to the cost vs the value of the car.

    It is alot of car for the $$.
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