Is the story about Ferrucio making cars because of Ferrari problems true? | LamborghiniChat

Is the story about Ferrucio making cars because of Ferrari problems true?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Ok, so we've all heard that story. I've read it in several places (even in a Jay Leno article). BUT, I've also heard that it is not true.

    Does anyone have any definitive evidence or resources proving or denying this story? Is it truth, embellished truth or automotive urban legend?
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  3. Well,I dont have a factual answer.I only know that in the mid 60's,the same story was told to me about the clutch problem in his F car,and getting pizzed off about it.The story has been around 40 years.Probably true,but he never told me
  4. The Lambo DVD has an excellent interview with Valentino. He said Ferruccio told this story many times, how he was fustrated with the performance of the car, and Enzo snubbed him. "I'll stick to cars and you stick to tractors". So it began. I love it!!
  5. Exactly what I've heard several times too.
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  7. I was always a Maverick.... I guess that's why I found my way off-path to LamboChat and it feels like home.
  8. Yes we all have heard thet story. But I'm more inclinded to think of it as somthing he thought he could make money at. He was a business man and a smart one. He had many business, form tractors to air conditioning, to hydrulics and a couple other I belive. I really think that he saw what Ferrari was able to do, and wanted to have a company that could complete and beat Ferrari in the road car game.

    The story is a good one and maybe it is true..but I think he did it as somthing new to do and make money at.

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