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is it worth getting a lambo in a state with no lambo dealer?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by porschecars, May 31, 2004.

  1. here in MI we have no dealer, only a ferrari dealership. Is it a bad idea to buy a new lambo with a factory warranty when the closest dealer is 4 hours and a state away?
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  3. Shouldnt be a problem.If you happen to have a major warranty issue,4 hours isnt that bad.Other than that,you can find a local guy for fluid changes and the like.
  4. porschecars: feel free to email me or call me. We service many Lambo customers in Michigan. We usually have trailers all over the Midwest able to pick your car up within a week or so. Also, if it is a warranty issue, usually, Lambo will pick up the transportation.
    Michael Wogronic
    Lamborghini Chicago
  5. There you go!!Nice post.
  6. I have a similar situation, at this time my dealer is still close to DC, I live in south east PA. Criswell Lamborghini is telling me that soon they will no longer be a Lamborghini dealer.My local BMW dealer has performed inspections and fluids on my Ferraris as well as my new Diablo.However for any major work if needed,I will soon have to take her into NJ. For me it's worth the extra hassle for the pure enjoyment my Lambo brings me.Good Luck!
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  8. Here in Indy and the closest is Marysville Ohio 10 miles or Fox Valley 220 miles. Lake Forest will even do service since they are familar with my 360. I wouldn't let distance keep you from owning one great car!!
  9. Michael-I think I really upset your boss (William and Don in sales) by buying the Diablo. I sent them a nice e-mail informing them of my decision and thanking both of them for their time and have not heard from either of them. If it weren't for those two, My interest in Lamborghini's would be under control and I would only have the 360. The deciding point for me was it would take $149.5K and my 01 360 (5K miles and not driven in the rain/perfect car) to get the 04 Murcielago. Instead I parted with a bit more and have both cars. I really like the styling of the Diablo over the Murcielago. You work at a great dealership.
  10. Dave: I don't think you upset either. I think they are glad that you finally got the car you really wanted. However, Don has left the car business and has gotten back into race bicycles. His heart was just not into the exotic cars. To him they were just "goods for consumers". Thanks for saying that I work at a good dealership..I think so too. Anyway, I mean it, if you ever need ANYTHING, feel free to contact me.
  11. I am relieved to hear that Don thought the cars were "goods for consumers" as I had my doubts about his passion for Lamborghini's. Could you please E-mail me your contact info and it looks like I'm free to have another contact at your dealership. Can it be you now?? I asked Don to tell me the differences between the Murcielago and Diablo and was not given justification for $130K extra cost. In fact very little was relayed to me. As you can tell, I am passionate about my cars and will be a future 'new' Lamborghini customer. Before 3 weeks ago I thought about having a 360 with a back-up Red Diablo. Now how does a Red Murcielago with a Red Diablo 6.0 backup sound??
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