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Is a Murcie an investment? Where to get good deal?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Motoracer, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Is the Murcielago an investment? If I were to purchase one now, would I ever be able to make money on it in the future? How do they hold their value? I know Gallardo's are dropping like rocks, so I am afraid to look into them. Diablo's seem to be hold their value very well, but I am most interested in the Murcie. Any thoughts on this would be great.

    Also, does anything happen to know what place in the NJ/NYC area would be best to buy from, with the best deals?

    Thank you.

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  3. About as good as an arm full of gold bars on a sinking boat.
    It may look like a great opportunity until you find out gold don’t float!

    Any automobile as an investment is a BAD IDEA!! Not wise at all! Stocks, Bonds…don’t cost you $5K a year to maintain! …Bad Idea!!
  4. None of these production cars are investments- buy as late a model as you can afford, used, with warranty, and let the first guy take the depreciation hit. you won't make money on these cars. the trick is to get as good a deal as you can, on a car that has no questions, and buy one that appeals to you in color and interior fittings in other words, why get a modest bargain on a color and interior combo you don't particularly like?
  5. None of those cars you mentioned are investments. Investments as in making money ? Very few modern cars (or any cars) are good investments.

    If you want a modern car that you generally, will pay just for the maintainance, you may want to consider an exotic that is at least ten years old.
  6. #1 - you shouldn't buy a car to make money
    #2 - you won't (considering the car you mentioned ...). Cars that appreciate are older and have MUCH more appeal than a Murci.
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  8. Is this thread a joke? :) A car as an investment? Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very few cars are investments, and even still, stock markets or even CD's will return higher yields.

    A Murcielago is an investment in FUN, but nothing more.

  9. Did you sign a record deal or something? Or did your piano recordings go gold?? You are a little young to be throwing Murci money around. But you know your finances, not us! BTW, I checked out some stuff you mentioned in the music thread - serious congrats to your piano accomplishments!

    As for making money, not unless you are very creative and can get rental or revenue generating activities from it: rentals, movie/TV rentals, photoshoots with models, maybe make a poster with it with and a hot chick and sell the poster online, use it as a show car, etc. Maybe you could run a race team with it, although i doubt even Tracy Krohn can make money off of his Murci GTR's.
  10. Very true. You shouldn't buy a car as an investment, you should buy a car because you want it.
  11. Thanks for all of the great information. This car would actually be for my father, and not myself. Wish it were though. We were talking about the depreciation of these cars because he is not sure how long he would keep one. So I told him I would find out.

    Anyway, thanks again. I figured it would probably drop in value quickly, but not nearly as fast as a Gallardo or the likes.
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  13. Ryalex, Some professional photographer called me
    (leaving a voice mail)and wanted to shoot a model laying on the front of my Diablo.
    As for an investment, I have lost less money on my cars than some of my past bright stock picks.
  14. Yes. :)
  15. That wasn't me! :D We're planning on printing a poster for the release of our 550 carbon fiber rebody...

    BTW Kyle, thanks for being honest about it being for el padre. You'll notice we have a lot of young guys around here who pretend to own their dad's stuff - but you'll find the ones who are straight up about it are accepted by the community!
  16. words of wisdom!!!!if you are buying your dream exotic car, why try to save a few k and compromise on the car??

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