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Inspired Countach Shot

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SMS, May 14, 2004.

  1. I've posted my old '79 #1121086 before, but I just came across a shot that I set up as inspired by the opening scenes in Cannonball Run. Sorry about the quality, it was fine before I resized to post.
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  3. i just love the countach
  4. Transformers! Robots in disguise!
  5. Bill my all time favorite Countach, is the LP 400S series 1 lowbody without
    wing. Of course the magnesium telephone dial wheels are the best.

    These are also the best handling C/T's around. This is also the rarest
    model of the series. The lowbody cars are around 40.9 inches tall.

    The badass looks best on the ground without any wing.

  6. Are those the orginal Bravo Wheels or are those the new reproduction wheels from AU. They look GREAT, but larger than orginal.
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  8. I love the Cannonball movies:)

    "How do you lose a white Lamborghini in the middle of the desert with two hot looking chics in it?" Or when they radio ahead and tell the other patrolmen to just pull out and block the road...Then the Lambo goes flying past:D
  9. David, they are the original wheels. I was not aware that repros are available. If so I think EVERY Countach should be wearing them!
  10. Yes a guy in AU now offers reproduction Bravo style wheels and they lookd Damn good. They are listed in the for sale section of the International Lamborghini Registry. There pics of the 18' on a Urraco and 18" on a Countach. I am thing of getting a pair for my Jalpa so I can buy tires for them. I have the 15" Bravos.

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