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Incredible Opportunity on a Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 993 guy, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. I attended a friends wedding last night where I bumped into a buddy of mine who owns a local Benz dealership. Turns out that he just took in a Pearl Yellow e-gear Gallardo on trade with 9400mi on the ODO. We get talking a little bit about the car and he offers it to me for $110k!! YES, that's right $110k.

    The car was obviously driven and as a result can probably use a repray in the front, but other than that she's under warranty and running beautifully.

    So with that said, I plan to take a look at her on Monday. I have NO intention of buying this car for myself (#1 e-gear is a no-no for me & #2 I just dropped a ton of cash on my 993 and I have to buy a new house as per my wife's instructions), but will be happy to help anyone who may be intersted.

    So if any of you are interested in picking this Gallardo up, shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to connect you with the right people. This sounds like a real opportunity so I thought you would all want to know.

    Now I'm going out for a drive...
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  3. Eric,

    Thanks for the lead. You got PM.

  4. If this is real - this is 15 - 20K less than I have seen anywhere. There are many with 7K and a few with 9K for 135K list price... (figure 130K selling)

    So I am thinking this is a very very good deal - and with it still in warranty for at least 1 year - I would go for it!

    Tom - hope it works out - this would be a great deal!!!

    Keep us posted! (and hope all is well Tom)

  5. i agree w/ you on the price discovery.....
    eric was kind enough to do some DD prior to going forward......
    thanks for the well wishes, my dear friend.
    hope all is well w/ you and yours as well.
  6. Compared to the UK, thats a steal. To get an official UK Gallardo, you're looking at mid £90k's.... ie $170k US, more for the e-gear.

    A fine example of Rip Off Britain.
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  8. If it sounds too good to be true probably isn't real.
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  10. Honestly - this has been mostly what I have seen with 7 - 9K cars - they will list at 135 - 145K and usually go down on sale price to around 130K.

    110K - is really the best deal I have seen/heard of. I know I did see a Exotic Rental Gallardo - that had around 10K miles that went for 115K - but had been thrashed pretty good - and most likely needed a clutch, tires, some body work, etc.

    I also remember hearing a Gallardo with 30K - another rental - that went for 100K - same story on the condition.

    If this is a true "no stories" car - It would be tempting to pick it up for 110K and flip it for 120 - 125K - which could be done very quickly - make a nice 10K or so profit. I think most dealers would give 120K for it wholesale (Would love to hear Chris at Lambo of Altant chime in on what these normally go for) - and not to mention it is egear which is a 10K option.

    At 110K you have pretty much bought out of the depriciation curve for at least the next 3 years (IMO).

    Keep us posted on the details - I am just plain old curious now... but have a feeling either too good to be true - or the dealer might just not know how much they usually sell for - however the NADA and Kelly are right at his finger tips - so usually dealers that don't know - price them too high - not too low...
  11. My thoughts exactly. That's why I want to see the car with my own eyes before anyone takes the time to pursue it. As you can imagine, I have a full PM box as of this afternoon.

    I'll get back to everyone that contacted me once I hear from the seller and inspect the car with my own eyes.
  12. LOL - Eric what have you gotten yourself into! - :D
  13. This sounds too good to be true.
  14. My spider sense says it's been wrecked. Maybe minor, but it would likely have some damage.

    Just my guess.
  15. perhaps a bit premature but this evening, i made extra space in the garage and tonight, i will be dreaming of a yellow gallardo.... :)
  16. Richard, where in the world are those cars under $150K ?
    I am prepared to go to $150K for a near-new 04 6sp and to $140K for a used one with less than 3K miles. Can't find them !
  17. Tino -

    There is a jet black (with the bumble bee interior) on eBay right now. Car has about 3K miles on it, but interesting part is that was driven by with dealer plates and therefore has never been titled, which is nice. Dealer said bottom line is $150K. This is a pretty attractive price for a car with two full years on the warranty clock, and maybe you can negotiate him down even further.

    I know this is not your preferred color (wink, wink) but thought I'd draw your attention to it...

    I have yet to see a car with sub-3000 miles anywhere close to 140K, but I'm sure Richard has more insight into availability than I do.

  18. LOL, Tom you're a riot. RESIST THE E-GEAR!! - ;)
  19. Thanks Vik but that interior is out for me. i've added blue to my list to make it easier. Any one knows what a typical discount is on an 05 ? I don't believe dealers are getting MSRP's or are they ?
  20. That's what I thought Tino. Bumble bee's a little out there...

    As for the MY05's, dealers certainly aren't selling for over MSRP, but at the same time discounts are tempered as well - mostly in the $7K - $12K range from what I've seen.

    Blue Caelum is a gorgeous color!
  21. This is a copy of what I PM'd all of the folks (8) this morning who had an interest in this G. It gives all the info regarding this car and it's origins...

    Good Morning.

    I just got off the phone with the manager of the dealership who is in charge of pre-owned and dealer-to-dealer sales. My friend who owns the dealership wanted him to speak to me since he has all the details. Here's the scoop...

    The car was owned by a wealthy individual who solely used the car for the 1 Lap of America. When he brought the car in to be sold, it was a bit of a mess (dirty and littered with removable stickers, candy bar wrappers and Red Bull cans). As a result they offered very low money on the car and the guy took it (surprisingly). The car has been subsequently fully detailed and cleaned up (stickers removed as well as additional Nav equipment holders). It was checked mechanically and physically and the only negatives are a slightly worn drivers seat bolster and a front fascia that has road rash (respray).

    So that's the scoop on the G. The other thing that I found out this morning is that while we were at the wedding on Saturday, they went into contract on the car for $117k with a retailer in FL. While the money has yet to exchange hands, I have a feeling that it will being that it's a retail outfit and not a private party (where deals are obviously broken all the time). I was just made aware of this (as was my friend who offered the car to me) since it went down late on Saturday.

    As you can imagine, I'm a little upset that I didn't know this info on Sat. and then got all of your hopes up on this deal. There are no less than 8 of you who PM'd me with serious interest. I apologize that you won't get to take advantage of this opportunity, but I was making it available with best intentions (I should learn my lesson already with offering cars that I have no affiliation with, first with a CS now with a G-car).

    Needless to say, if I come across another opportunity like this one, I will let you all know in typical fashion. While I'm currently not in the market for a Gcar or Fcar (need to buy a bigger house as per the wife's instructions), I know that opportunities like this one make the potential for owning an exotic much more palatable.


    Eric (993 Guy)
  22. I just got off the phone with Nelson Auto Group - they have a "New" 04 (400 miles) - not on the website. Pretty much every option (I don't remember if they said e-gear or not). going for 155K.. Black car - and black with silver sitching interior.

    Look on the website and call Drew at the Bellefountaine location.

    Believe it or not - I think my deal is the last of it's kind (in the 140's for new). From what I am being told for 2 (ok 3) reasons:

    1.) the 6% increase took effect on cars due to euro pricing - thus not much of a discount on new ones - like we wittnessed 4 months ago.

    2.) Dealers are starting to move a lot more of them than they did last year. I have seen Nelson move 6 out in the last 2 months - a few 04's and 4 05's. And from what I am hearing other dealers are moving just as well. I assume this is for a few reasons: Price Point is favorable, and it is spring - many people look for new toys this time of year.

    3.) Friend of the dealership... and I live close so can bother them easily :)

    I will keep looking for for a good deal for you guys - and let you know..

  23. You had everyone's best intentions at heart Eric - not your fault that the deal was done so quickly and without your being informed. How long had they had the car? I presume for a bit (presumably a couple of days or more), in order for the information to reach the broker in FL.

    Plus, it was an e-gear anyway... - ;)
  24. I believe it's six-speed.

    Richard, you got a heck of deal. - :)

    I have not seen that replicated anywhere (nor do I expect to, with most of the MY04's being sold).
  25. Thanks Vik...I posted with the hopes that the car would go to one of the many friends I have made here on Fchat. Unfortunately it didn't work out in this instance, but I will continue to contribute when the opportunity avails...

    As for how long they had it, I would estimate about a week. I helped another friend pick up a low miles 02 C4 Cab early last week and saw the Gcar in the distance while I was there. I mentioned it at the wedding and subsequently got into the resulting scenario.

    Oh and you're was an e-gear or you very well may have seen me show up at the ROE in it! ;-)

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