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Im a muscle car guy in a Diablo's body

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. I heard a noise in my garage last night, and when I got up and investigated, I found that the NOS fairy had paid me a visit!! I have a purpose, believe it or not. To go VERY,VERY,VERY fast!!
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  3. lol Gold !
  4. Oh Jeez!

    Only in Hotlanta :D
  5. Awesome, how big of a shot do you have?
  6. God I love your toys.
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  8. Thumbs up to you, you rock ;D
  9. That, my friend, is one biga$$ bottle of NOS. What size shot are you running, and how long before you have to fill up the bottles?
  10. NOS and propane sweet
  11. Thanks to all that appreciate the stuff. Will be at 125 shot for each bank of 6(250 total). Have already run at 100 on each bank(200 total).
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  13. Do you take your Lambo to the drag strip?
  14. Propane? Sorry if I sound like an idiot ... but I'm really unfamiliar with all those cheating devices ;) ...
    How does that work? Only heard about it on diesel engines.
    Do you mix nitrous and propane?

    Is there a day where you do not add mods to your car???????????? You rule!!! LOL When I grow older, I wanna do the same thing! Have enough money and time for a new Diablo mod every week !!! hahahahahaha

    What's next? Twin turbos? And use the nitrous to help with the low end and turbo lag? Then you could use even larger turbos than usually. Perhaps titanium rods? Stroker crank? Big bore mini skirt pistons? Ported and polished head? Supercharger?.... engine mods! muuuuhahahahhahaha
  15. great stuff! any plans on tuning the engine?
  16. Nice man.....One of our Lotus club members has had some great experiences with propane injection. Too cool....

    Any pics of the engine side of the N2O setup?

  17. No. Mostly top end runs. Had a top speed of 215 (radar verified) before the Nitrous. It did turn a 3.3 0-60, without Nitrous.
  18. Hey Craig. You see nothing from the engine side, unless you look under the car. Everything is hidden.
  19. Shouldn't the bottle valves be facing forward?

  20. Propane is a safe and efficient method to ensure staying rich. It is 114 octane, and mixes at a ratio that you "dial" in. In addition, there are safety factors built in. It also has a fall back fuel shot incase the propane runs dry during a run. CHEATING!! I look at any mod as an attempt at going faster. Superchargers, turbo's, gears, headers, injectors, NITROUS. It just happens to be the least expensive way to achieve additional H.P. Several advantages.
    1. On demand power
    2. Easy to put back stock

    That being said, I spend more money on a set-up than most to achieve a "safe" journey. I have been using Nitrous for over 25 years, before it was popular. So, I dont view it as "cheating", and my bang for the buck is very high when compared to other ways of going fast , in a straight
  21. No, the valve end of the bottle should be facing the direction of flow. Just like he has it.
  22. What Esprit SE said.

  23. WOW!!!!
  24. WOW NICE **** AJ!!

    TAke it to the track ASAP! Post what it runs!

  25. 215mph????????? Holy crap!!! What mods did it have? Sounds faster than stock!!

    Cheating? You're talking to someone who has religious feelings about Lambo V12s :). If I had it my way, the engine would get a port and polish, larger valves, longer duration camshafts, harder valve springs (pneumatic if possible!), big bore H pistons, titanium rods, ceramix cylinder wall coating, stroker crank ... all the "noble" mods you can think of. But I'd stop to 100 octane fuel. No nitrous, no turbos, no superchargers ... on the other hand, I'd put all that cheating stuff in a german car without skipping a beat!! lol

    This being said, I can only admire a cheating Diablo that will smoke anything :)
  26. I see where you are coming from. Any thing that alters from stock is "cheating", there are just cheaper ways to
  27. If your night cheating, you're not trying!

    Nice work AJ - You continue to impress!
  28. AJ, this is over the top!!... Wait a minute you just redefined the top!

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