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If your looking for a Diablo.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, May 26, 2004.

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  2. unless you run a museum, or unless it's selling well below market, this seems like a bad idea. you're talking about a car that got maybe 300 miles per year put on it. unless this guy was a total whack-job who put 15 miles per month on it religiously with proper warm-up, the car is going to have "sitting" problems. and the fact that the tires were replaced "due to age" is a sign this was absolutely a garage queen. the dealer probably put 1000 miles on it in the last few weeks :).

    entropy happens.

  3. A 99 sitting with 300 miles per year would be no problem.The tire thing would be of concern though,as I still have my originals on my 88.5 countach with 3500 miles on it,and its alot older.Of course,I wouldnt drive it over 170 either.And I would be almost certain that a 99 with those miles isnt going to be in the bargain price area.
  4. If this were a couple of weeks ago, I'd be a player. Wrong color but an SV, I still be a player. This would be a good replacement for the 360? Most know I have both set of rims with tires. OEM Lamborghini rims and original tires coming up on 3 years of age and other rims new tires at 3 years of age. What is the life of Pirelli P-Zero's???
  5. If I was still in the market, I'd buy it in a second, silver color aside...I don't buy into that garage queen stuff. I'd rather make the history on it rather than worry what someone else did.
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  7. This is an excellent post as to the last 1000 miles possibility as this is the reason I keep all my gas receipts in a car folder. I can prove with more certainty that the mileage has been acquired over time and not in the few weeks a dealer would have done.

  8. I also agree about the tire comment. I know where a 1981 512BBi is with the original tires. My 1988 had the P-7R's with the V rated compound when I purchased it. Those tires were no longer made when I purchased the car. Of course there are plenty of signs to look for, besiDES the clock.
  9. whats a good price on this car.... what was the hp rating vs the 6.0?
  10. Hp was rated at 530.But the car is light,compared to the 6.0.If the car is for real,no stories etc.....I would put the real value at 150-155.Im sure they are looking for more.
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  12. Gorgeous car.

    Why put a Tubi exhaust on it & then have zero miles?
  13. I did the same thing to a 98sv I had.Put exhaust on it,and then put a huge 800 miles on the car in 2 years.But it sure sounded good when I drove it!!I know,it makes no sense.
  14. Installing a Tubi is considered a stereo upgrade that helps the engine performance.
  15. thanks aj...you are the ultimate l car expert!!!! i will definately get your consultation before i buy my lambo....so the sv must fly!!!!! how is the ease of driving vs the 6.0....which is the better buy now?
  16. Thank you for the kind words.Whatever expertise I have in L cars is in Diablos,and later model Countaches(88-89).Before that time period,Im an idiot. The S.V does fly.It is 250lbs lighter than the 6.0,and only loses 15 hp at the wheels.Being a 4wd,the 6.0 will eat it up off the line,but thats about it.The S.V. is true Lambo muscle.I like the AWD of the 6.0,as opposed to the 2wd,but if you asked 100 people,it would probably be 50/50.The 6.0 is a superb handling vehicle,very difficult to lose control of it.The SV is slowing down on the depreciation scale.Hell,they only brought 25 into the U.S. in '99.Not many around.If you can find a "gem",at a reasonable price,you wont likely lose much money over the coming years,if any.The 6.0 has a way to go down yet,but has taken its biggest hit as well.Hope this helps.
  17. One more point.The S.V. tends to be used more for what it was produced for,to go fast.It may be more difficult to find a "nice" s.v.,just because of the nature of the car,and the low production.
  18. AJ! I found the perfect Enzo for you!

  19. Stereo in a loud Lamborghini ? Where is it ?
  20. I agree totally!!! Time to unload that gorgeous yellow Countach!
  21. Wow.What a pic.Looks great from that angle!!
  22. Seriously, that gold Enzo looks AWESOME.

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