If your looking for a 6.0, and LOVE yellow.... | LamborghiniChat

If your looking for a 6.0, and LOVE yellow....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 15, 2004.

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  2. Wow, my perfect color combo. Who knows the magic number? Anyone spoken with him yet?
  3. someone doesnt realize the odometer is in kilometers LOL

  4. The 6.0 odometer is in miles.
  5. really...that must be the first year
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  7. I emailed him. He is running it as a no reserve, but that doesnt really matter. If I get info, I will post it.
  8. thanks AJ, it always makes me crazy when people post diablos for sale with mileage

  9. What is a fair deal for both for this car?
  10. Nice looking car. I saw a (wild) viper green Murcielago that was similar. It
    was excellent until someone decided to put 20" aftermarket rims on the car.

    This car may look better without the yellow piping. It really helps to see the completed product. I like stock Lamborghinis with wild colors. I wanted the purple one. Next time !
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  12. Too yellow black/creme looks better.
  13. 170 -176, would be market value. I think it has a 5k exhaust system also.
  14. lol. I know. The 99's were in miles also. It started with the new interiors. US cars only.
  15. God A.J. the car is stunningly orgasmic. Sadly I won't have that kind of money to splurge for about 11 more years. :(

    Exotic car with exotic color, jus the way it should be. THe lambo guys sure know how to pick them.

    Thanks for making my day with the pic :)
  16. thanks aj , beautiful car, but i prefer gold for my 6.0, or perhaps an orange diablo
  17. Received an email back from the seller, and it said:

    " am looking to get possibly $190,000 but give me an offer and we will go from there.
    THANKS bluem313"
  18. Step #1 find 190 grands.
    Step #2 leave the wing (sorry AJ, I love the naked lines of the 6.0 :)), change yellow leather for yellow alcantara, HRE rims (polished lip, yellow center)
    Step #3 Die knowing I have attained my automobile perfection.

  19. Step #1 find 86 grands.
    Step #2 take the wing off, HRE rims (polished 5 inch rear lip, matt finish in the middle of silver color )
    Step #3 Have an orgasm in the garage while being seduced by the lambo.
    Step #4 Die knowing I have attained my automobile perfection.

  20. Same exact year and color config as mine but it has the wing....

    http://www.slantback.com/ - click 2001 lamborghini diablo for more pics of mine there are some 90 of them in high res. :)

  21. Cool website nice toys the Diablo 6.0 looks so incredible with no wing its amazing.
  22. I've got the carbon copy to that car sitting here! Mine has 20k miles on it though. It is pretty good looking when you really look at it.

  23. How much is yours with 20k?
  24. Wow that car is hot! The yellow piping with the carbon fiber console really sets it off IMO. Wish i could afford that car right NOW! I'll have to wait about hmm....20 or so years! Long way to go...
  25. Doug, your in Vegas. Go to the Roulette table, put 500 on #4. After that wins at 35-1, you have 17500. 8000 on #17, and 8000 on #21. One will hit at 35-1, and you will have 280000. Easy stuff. JK

  26. You truly are the devil, AJ. :D

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