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If your gonna build a Diablo replica....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by EK3R, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. This is how it is done!! Not like that awful thing on Ebay someone posted here!

    I actually know the guy who built this (the company he is a director of did some work on my Supra TT when I had it..).

    Actually makes really interesting reading.

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  3. Isn't a Diablo replica the one being damaged at the FOX T.V. series Nip Tuck
  4. cool. thats the first diablo sv replica i have seen. its still a replica though, how much they want for it? $80,000? or closer to 100? with that much money you could buy a good Viper. what kind of performance numbers does that car have?
  5. Well if you look at his running costs the project cost him £35,000 in total - so $62,000.

    Agree it is a replica, but the guy invested 2 and a half years of his life into it! And the quality looks superb.
  6. That frame is surprizingly close to a real Diablo frame in design. Looks very much like the maker of the fram copyied a real on..but made some minor changes.
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  8. www.paralleldesigns.co.uk
    This is the site from which the car came from, I have seen both the SV and the GTR and sat in them, they are so very good :)
    The parts of the car are moulded around components off a real Diablo, and he pretty much runs the Diablo replica world, with real Diablo owners coming to him for replica parts which fit identically as the old parts did. He is now experimenting with a BMW 5 litre V12 engine, at the moment they use a 4.8l V8 which sounds the same as a Diablo, just a little bit slower...
    Also some components like glass and lights are genuine Lambo parts. Since Audi own Lambo now, they dont care about the Diablo replica's so he has the show to himself as far as realism goes.
    So really the PD Torero is the most accurate you will find anywhere... :)
  9. While it is a cool car, It is still a replica. And if I were to invest that much time, money and effort into building what is essentially a custom car, I wouldn't want it to be a shadow of something else, but instead be something unique. Rather than painstakingly copy the lines of a Diablo it would of been much more interesting and cooler to have made a custom exterior design that was different from everything else on the road, or at least very unique.
  10. this is a LAMBORGHINI board, not a knock-off board. does Stolen Designs not have its own community? can't they figure out a way to leech enough bandwidth to support a chat room or something?
  11. While I can never see myself owning one, I really can appreciate the work that has gone into it. Too bad the talents weren't moved into another direction for the car though
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  13. Friggen rover motor. A Fiero based kit would be better than some guys "chassis" built in his garage. ANY KIT:
  14. My guess would be that that replica has a much better chassis than a Fiero.
  15. I think you guys are missing the point. Most of these kit cars are put together over a fairly long period of time. It may take years for an individual to put one together propperly. In that respect it is easier to afford the kit car then it would be to pay out 120k in one lump sum or make payment of 2000 buck a month. Many of these guys enjoy building these kits more then they like driving them. So in one sense it is more economical to pay cash for the parts as you go, and assemble when you can afford to. If these guys don't have the cash that day to buy another part..no big deal they can wait. But try to tell the bank you can't pay you're $2000 car payment..they won't be too happy and would more then likly take the car.

    But at the end of they day it's still a kit car..but one that looks very real. The frames that they are using are almost identical to a real lambo Diablo frame. I'l bet the builder modeled his right off of a real car. It is a very good kit..but it's still a kit..oh and the suspention set up on these cars indicate to me that they may very well handel better then the real thing.
  16. Dear Mr Angry,

    Was that a knock at me posting a link to his site?

    I am acutally a Ferrari owner (if you check my profile), and do not own this vehicle, or any such like it. I merely knew this chap who built the replica, and after reading the thread about the Fiero on ebay, thought it would be a fun topic of conversation, and like I said in my original post, if you read his diary, it does make very interesting reading from an engineering point of view.

    Apologies for any upset that I seem to have caused you.

  17. I Just don't think that this guy can build a better chassis than GM and their thousands of engineers and computing power, along with crash testing etc. I would be scared to drive it let alone crash in it.

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