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I love Lamborghini so much that....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Aug 29, 2004.

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  2. you'll need to give us the correct link first

    i assume you're talking about a gallardo.

    anyway, aren't you going to enjoy the diablo roadster some first... ?

    with the roadster and the gallardo, you could have what you wanted: an F40
  3. Sorry Tom, there seems to be a problem with the link.
  4. i know for a fact the factory option costs near $4,200

    i do not know if you can get the option after buying the car, or which aftermarket companies make one if they do
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  6. daniel,

    the interior of that car looks amazingly brand new....(esp. for a 20 years old).
    btw, you haven't lost your mind...it's good taste, my friend.

  7. that's georgious. thanks, alex for the link.
    the interior of the one i want is in similar two-tone except she is yellow/blue.
    actually, i prefer the e-shift on this one since the diablo roadster is already manual, it gives me a little change up.
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  9. you're welcome
    i would never ever tire of a blue/tan or blue/yellow two-tone interior. so beautiful

    here's the big question - when are you going to get an F40?
  10. that won't happen w/o some serious gross consolidation...and that is something i m not prepared to do...lol.

    i've a local friend (a fellow f-chat member) who owns a beautiful f40...for the time being, i'll just to content getting my enjoyment through gawking at his.
  11. Hmmm...to bid or not to bid... Hope you get it Tom. Looks like you got Lambo fever. Now you need to add a Murcie to your collection
  12. couldn't you just sell the roadster that you just bought and not buy this gallardo, wouldn't you have more than enough for the F40?
  13. Tom, if I was to get a G car, it would be that color. Very nice!! Good luck. Mid 160's maybe?
  14. Tom
    i am biased but that is the exact same colour combo as my car and it rocks.
    I hope you get it.Won't be disappointed
  15. mred, that's whacked, man......lol

    aj, you think mid 160 is what it will take? i was thinking (hoping) hi 150.....what do you think? also, is e-shifting trading at a premium to 6spd? your thoughts?
  16. Wow, a second one in this color combination? What are the odds? We have one in NJ with the same color combo and E Gear as well. I thought this color combo was going to be a one time view, but I guess I was wrong. This color combo is amazing. Good luck with the auction.
  17. that ad on yahoo autos is a scam. i e-mailed him. it is a very common attempt to get people to send an insecure deposit via western union. watch out for deals like that on 355's and 348's, 996 turbos, m3/m5, etc. on yahoo autos and occasionally autotrader. and never use western union to pay for anything on the internet. some of these guys actually make fake escrow sites that look really professional in order to convince the "customer" that the deal is legitimate and that they wont get ripped off. in all of these ads, the text will say that the car is in the US (most likely california) and the e-mail that you get from the "seller" will say that the car is somewhere in europe and that he just moved there but brought the car with him so it is a US car but he cannot register it. just be careful and if you do find a real $25k gallardo i have the cash waiting!

    prices on gallardos are falling like rocks. i just found one for a friend (yellow e-gear) for 165 only to find that he had paid 175 two days earlier. i think that when the murcielago barchettas become available and the coupe prices drop, the gallardos will follow suit. i think that by december you will be able to get a 6 speed car for 140.

    right now e-gear is a premium. you can get 6-speeds for 155-159 depending on color and miles. e-gears might be able to be had for 162-165 but for a rarer color such as that awesome blue one, 165 would be lowest price i would accept as a seller.

    best of luck getting the car and make sure you can get it up your driveway.
  18. thanks, mred for the info.

    a friend who is also shopping for one informed me l/n that there is a "sport edition" of the gallardo....can someone shed some insights?

  19. Tom, I dont think high 150's will happen on an e gear. Thats a 10k premium on a new car. I have seen one egear at 168k with low miles. But you never know.

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