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i just couldn't leave her.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. after a few agonizing days of deliberation and heartache, last night i bought back my diablo roadster...(pay the buyer off...actually). btw, she never left my possession.

    have never owned an exotic car this beautiful, new, reliable....and probably never will again; man, we really don't appreciate what we have until we lose it; therein lies the decision....now i'm at peace & happy again.

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  3. Congrats Tom I think you made a good decision. I like your ride much better then the dead rapper murcie :)

  4. I call B.S. on that Tom! We're all junkies looking for our next fix, and you're no different. The Devil might be back in your garage now, but do you expect us to believe that Kansas is it's final resting place?


  5. i sais i couldn't leave her....but i never sais i wasn't going to see others :)
  6. good deal Tom,

    i've done exactly that twice before

    some are just hard to let go

    your black diablo is a keeper
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  8. AND.... you know her driver's seat history!

    No more need for disclosure!

  9. Great Tom! So glad to hear you did not sell her. It would not be easy to part with something that beautiful. Its like selling your daughter!

    The Diablo is like a super model; High maintenance, eats the juice (lol), super beautiful. The only difference (between the Diablo and Super Model) is as Darth put it: "you know the drivers seat history"

    So much nicer than the casket Murcie!
  10. what sort of dowry are you looking for? :)

  11. dude....i dun't know about disclosing the history of my seat, man.

    if people know some of activities that take place in that car (both seats) on friday/sat nights....they might consider buying the dead rapper's murcie a logical choice....
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  13. Good choice Tom.
  14. Good work Tom!! Dont Sell out ever again

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